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    “Should fluoride be added to or removed from tap water?”. We often get to hear this question at Filter Systems Australia probably more than any other question on tap water treatment or quality.

    It is commonly said and known that chemicals like lead and arsenic can cause harm to your health. In fact, consuming water that contains high levels of these chemicals can increase the risk of cancer, skin lesions and brain damage. But have you ever.

    While fluoride has been added to water for decades, the debate on the presence of this chemical in water has been raging for some time now. Some water supply authorities, dentists and public health officials suggest adding fluoride to water for its clear benefits, like strengthening tooth enamel and reducing risk of tooth decay, while others believe that it could cause more harm than good.


    Most people are aware of the importance of clean, safe drinking water, thus pay great attention to the quality of the water they drink. Water in your tap may leave the treatment plant without contaminants, but it collects several contaminants from pipes, gas leaks, animal waste, industrial pollutants and sewer lines on its journey to the tap.

  3. A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Home Water Filter

    Do you know there are many unpleasant things available in your tap water than you can ever imagine? That’s because water is really good at dissolving stuff; so, whatsoever resides in your water, it might get dissolved within, which makes it harder for the naked eyes to see.

    Besides, it’s difficult to get rid of bits of dirt, bacteria and toxic substances present in your water supply. In fact, sometimes even the government watchdogs find it difficult to find out the reason behind these impurities. And by the time they find it, it is too late.

    Therefore, it’s up to the residents to prevent themselves from being exposed to the contaminants detected in the water and adopt effective measures. 

    But understand, not all water filters are designed equally. In fact, there’s about a zillion different kinds available in the market and you need to pick the one that best suits your requirements.

    If you haven’t yet decided, please consider reading our blog on house wate

  4. Unravelling Travelling: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Choosing the Best Portable Water Filter

    With an excess of plastic already in use, it’s high time to say goodbye to water bottles and add a portable water filter to your packing list for travelling. Not only is it considered a great option to reduce waste, but it also seeps out metal, bacteria, viruses, and more to turn any water source into drinkable water.

    Be it technology or regular things like food or water, portability has certainly become a crucial element in our day-to-day lives, especially when it comes to hiking/ camping or travelling to the backcountry that lack usual necessities.
    Since clean drinking water is not accessible everywhere, it is essential to have the best portable water filter alongside, especially when you are going for an outdoor activity for the first time and thinking of relying on nearby lakes or streams for drinking water. Such situations call for a smart solution that will not only satisfy your thirst drive with filtered and clean water but also help you avoid health r

  5. Everything a First-Time Buyer Needs To Know About Water Filters

    Everything a First-Time Buyer Needs To Know About Water Filters

    Water holds the key to our health, atmosphere and life. Running from the taps in your kitchen, bathroom and resting in the swimming pool in your backyard and in aquariums, lakes and ponds – water is everywhere to serve a variety of purposes from our daily household needs to leisure and entertainment.

    Considering the importance of water on this planet, it doesn’t come as a surprise that we humans consistently look for ways to clean water and make it smell and taste better as well. That’s why, we see a myriad of water treatment systems and technologies in the market.  

  6. How to improve the water quality in your home?

    How to improve the water quality in your home?

    Home renovations provide an excellent opportunity to make simple improvements that help to enhance the ambience and health of your home and even boost the property’s worth. 

    When renovating, however, most home owners overlook an easy home improvement, i.e., improving the water quality in the house. Renovations may seem daunting and sometimes it may not be possible to make all the improvements at once, keeping the time and budget constraints in mind. The good news is improving the quality of water across your home doesn’t have to be very expensive and time-consuming.

  7. Microplastics: From Marine Life to Human Life, a Crucial Problem to be Solved?

    Microplastics: From Marine Life to Human Life, a Crucial Problem to be Solved?

    All of us are already aware of the constantly growing global plastic pollution that is harshly affecting the marine life. From the stomachs of seabirds to the depths of the ocean, one can find plastics everywhere. However, the worst part about plastic crisis is that it has not only affected the marine life, but these polluted particles are entering human bodies as well. Though it is still not discovered whether the particles of microplastic are actually affecting human health, there’s no harm in taking preventive measures to protect yourself from microplastics.

  8. Did You Know Pure Water is a Necessity for Your Child’s Growth

    Did You Know Pure Water is a Necessity for Your Child’s Growth

    Water is one of the most essential elements needed for survival on the earth. Not just that, it plays a key role in keeping our bodily systems functioning properly.

    In fact, an average adult body is about 60% water. However, the percentage of water content is much higher in infants and young children, which is around 78%. This brings attention to the significance of drinking water amongst growing children.

  9. Different Ways to Make Your Drinking Water Potable

    Different Ways to Make Your Drinking Water Potable

    Water is one of the basic yet crucial human survival needs. We need adequate water every day not just to keep our body hydrated but to flush out toxins, relieve fatigue, boost immune system and improve digestion.

    And the list of ways water benefits our health in everyday life doesn’t end here. By promoting weight loss, increasing energy, preventing crams and sprains, improving mood and skin, water helps to maintain and improve the quality of life. 

  10. Caravan Water Filtration

    Caravan Water Filtration

    When travelling around the countryside it's hard to know the quality of the water you're consuming. More than often its untreated water which can quickly introduce bacteria and result in serious stomach problems - that's the last thing you want when