Everything a First-Time Buyer Needs To Know About Water Filters

Water holds the key to our health, atmosphere and life. Running from the taps in your kitchen, bathroom and resting in the swimming pool in your backyard and in aquariums, lakes and ponds – water is everywhere to serve a variety of purposes from our daily household needs to leisure and entertainment.

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Considering the importance of water on this planet, it doesn’t come as a surprise that we humans consistently look for ways to clean water and make it smell and taste better as well. That’s why, we see a myriad of water treatment systems and technologies in the market.

With the use and need of filtration systems becoming increasingly prevalent, manufacturers are custom designing models to suit specific user requirements and applications of diverse industries including restaurant, medical, engineering, beverage and chemical processing.

The comprehensive variety in the market, filtration technologies, diverse applications and functioning of filters – all these aspects together can make the decision of buying a filtration system confusing and overwhelming for a first-time buyer.

So, we have combined some in-depth bits of information pertaining to everything water filter which will help you choose the best and make the most of your investment.

To start with, here’s

A Rundown On Facts That Will Answer A Lot Of Your Questions About Water Filters

Water filtration and water purification aren’t the same

Often used interchangeably, both terms refer to two different processes;

Water filtration is the process of removing waterborne bacteria, sediments and unwanted contaminants from water while water purification focuses more on improving the overall quality of water by eliminating biological contaminants, viruses, chemicals and gases in water.

A Water Filter Immediately Improves Taste of Water

Most water that people source from local water supply authorities is treated using advanced chemical processes to remove harmful bacteria and contaminants. However, the residue of chemicals used like chlorine can affect the taste of water and give it an unpleasant aftertaste. An effective water filter not only removes impurities from water but also improves its resultant taste by eliminating residual chemicals.


You Can Choose from a Huge Variety

If you have never used a water filter before, you would probably think of a typical cartridge system when you plan to buy your first filtration system. Fortunately, the consistent advancement in technology has enabled manufacturers to design different makes and models depending on factors such as budget, property type, application and the type of impurities to be removed.

Carbon water filters, reverse osmosis systems, ion exchange units and UV systems are some common inventions available in the market. Some systems also employ multiple filtration technologies for improved quality of water. But before shelling out on a fancy filtration system in the market, it is recommended to consult with an expert to find the best water filter for your needs.

A Filtration System Can Save Money

Maybe you think a water filter is a luxury you can’t afford, but if you use bottled water for the drinking needs of your entire family, you definitely can. Bottled water is about 600 times more expensive than filtered water.

By doing a little research up front, you can determine the common contaminants in water supplied in your area and find a water filter that specifically eliminates the contaminants in concern, resulting in cost savings.

It Improves Your Eco-Credentials

It takes about 3 litres of water to produce 1 litre of bottled drinking water. In addition, the manufacturing and bottling processes release huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.

If you use several bottles throughout the day to meet drinking needs of your entire household, you are largely contributing to the increasing challenge of plastic recycling. Investing in a water filter allows you to cleanse your water as well as help make the environment a better place for all.

It Is Easy to Maintain

The availability of so many cutting-edge models employing a combination of time-tested technology, functionalities and intriguing design, gives out the impression that water filters call for expensive maintenance and servicing to keep operating at peak efficiency. However, the truth is modern filtration systems are designed to be efficient, self-regulate and automatically alert you when servicing or replacement is needed.

Contacting an experienced professional when it’s time for servicing, will help you save your time and money in the long run. In addition to these facts, here’s a quick FAQ to address some of the other common questions you must be having in your mind when buying a water filter.

How Do I Know What’s In My Water?

If you receive water from a local municipal water supplier, you must receive a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) every year from the same supplier which informs you about your local drinking water quality.

Water may also get contaminated as it passes through the plumbing system before coming out of a tap. You can use a home test kit bought from a local household supply store to find contaminants in your water including lead, pesticides, chlorine and more. However, be informed that these kits are not 100% accurate but definitely offer an easy and quick way to identify common impurities in water.

In case you receive water from a private well, you can get your water tested by a certified laboratory.

What Type Of Water Treatment Product Do I Need?

Once you know what’s in your water, you can find a suitable filtration system with the help of varied resources. Consulting a water filter expert is the best way to find an affordable and efficient solution for your needs.

How Long Will My Filter Last?

A water filter usually lasts a long time when appropriately used. However, the cartridges may last from 6 to 12 months depending on the frequency of usage and servicing. It is advised to speak with the seller you buy your filter from to know more about the lifespan of the system.

To Sum Up

We hope this information helps you in making an informed decision about your water filter purchase. You can also check out our comprehensive selection of water treatment systems here Filter Systems Australia.