How to improve the water quality in your home?

Home renovations provide an excellent opportunity to make simple improvements that help to enhance the ambience and health of your home and even boost the property’s worth. 

When renovating, however, most home owners overlook an easy home improvement, i.e., improving the water quality in the house. Renovations may seem daunting and sometimes it may not be possible to make all the improvements at once, keeping the time and budget constraints in mind. The good news is improving the quality of water across your home doesn’t have to be very expensive and time-consuming.

That said, we have put together some ways to easily improve the water quality in your home as part of your home renovation.

The Kitchen Upgrade

The public water suppliers and water regulators across Australia comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG), adding up to 31 consumable chemicals in tap water to maintain the required water quality. These chemicals include disinfectants like chlorine and aluminium sulphate and are used to rid the town water supplies and piping systems of bacteria and make water safe and healthy for drinking. 
However, continued exposure to high levels of these chemicals can kill off the good bacteria in our body (which contribute to a good immune system) and probiotic rich food we eat, disrupting the delicate bacterial balance of your body.

A simple yet effective solution is to install a tap water filtration system. At FSA, we offer an all-inclusive range of filters that are equipped with advanced filtration technologies to help with effective chlorine removal. You can also opt for a chloramine filter if your tap water contains chloramine or invest in a filtration system that removes a range of contaminants and chemicals, depending on your needs.

Ease your bathroom maintenance 

Planning to install splendid marble and natural stone flooring or a lavish bathtub in your bathroom? Hard water can turn your awe-inspiring bathroom renovation into a nightmare in no time.  

Due to the presence of high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium, hard water tends to react with soap, shampoo and other cleaning solutions. This causes your soap to form insoluble substances instead of lather, resulting in improper cleaning.

Each shower may leave the scrummy white residue (calcium deposits) on your shower screen and chrome finishing which can reduce the life of your water system and home appliances.

Installing a water softener can eliminate the problems caused by hard water and help provide soft, clean water not just in the bathroom but through every faucet in the house.    

Do not forget the shower water

Commonly used as a water disinfectant by public water suppliers, chlorine can not only be an issue for your gut health, but it can also be detrimental for people with sensitive skin or eczema. Chlorine present in your shower water may cause your skin to dry out and worsen your existing dermatitis conditions or even cause chlorine rash.

Our skin can absorb more chlorine in a 10-minute shower than drinking 2l of tap water. You may also end up inhaling vaporised chlorine while showering, which can reach your lungs and blood stream and cause respiratory issues and fluid build-up.

To improve the quality of your shower water and to avoid the health issues associated with chlorine, consider installing a chlorine removal filter. We carry a variety of shower filters that not only remove a range of chemicals in addition to chlorine but are also compact, easy to install and stylish.

Treat your laundry water

Do you think your new clothes are fading fast? Does your white laundry look dingy and discoloured even after a wash? The supply of poor-quality water in your laundry may have to do with this issue.

While washing with hard water can cause mineral deposits on your clothes, sediments and rust in water can leave yellowish or brownish stains on white laundry. In addition, putting your laundry through a wash with chlorinated water can affect their original colours over time.

Another problem with chlorine is that it can break down rubber seals used in certain laundry appliances like washing machine, causing them to wear out a lot faster.

Installing a whole house water system can improve the quality of your laundry water, preventing your clothes from fading away and discolouring faster than they should. At FSA, we offer whole house water filters that use proven technologies like UV sanitation and carbon filtering and are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit every home’s needs.

Gardening improvements

 A garden may be regarded as one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to improving the quality of water across a house. Most people confidently use tap (unfiltered) water to water the plants, shrubs and trees in their garden without knowing that poor quality water may affect plant growth and health.

Many people choose to consume organic food produced fresh in their garden without the use of chemicals and synthetic pesticides. Using normal tap water in the garden which usually contains disinfectant chemicals, may compromise the health of the soil in the long-term and thus affect the quality of the organic matter.

Also, contaminants and harmful chemicals in tap water coat the organic vegetables and fruits when you wash them and end up inside your body, risking your gut health.

If you are a committed organic grower or gardener, ensure supply of clean, chemical-free water in your garden with the installation of a whole house carbon filtration system. A whole house carbon filter effectively removes disinfectant chemicals, solvents and contaminants in garden water, allowing you to ensure healthy, nutrient rich soil for organic production. 

The Takeaway

When renovating your home, it is easy to overlook the importance of improving water quality for other aesthetic design improvements. While functional and aesthetic additions certainly add to the value of your home, having quality water in your house will contribute to good health and well-being of your loved ones which is more important than anything.

At FSA, we can recommend the best water filter for your needs and budget from our comprehensive assortment of water treatment systems and filters so that you can enjoy consistent supply of pure, great-tasting water in every corner of your house from the kitchen to your garden.