Imagine the adventure of spending an endless summer hitting the road with your family or loved ones in a caravan.

A wonderful feeling, isn’t it? The freedom to go where your will takes you, with your home-like comfort, just stopping where your heart feels like - seems like the perfect adventure to hop on with your loved ones. But there are certain challenges and concerns linked to caravan travel and one of them is finding quality water to drink through the journey.

When embarking on a caravan excursion, having access to drinkable water is necessary to keep yourself hydrated and in good health, but counting on streams and rivers on the way for clean water can be a mistake.

And if you have been travelling for a while, the water in your RV tank can become unhealthy due to the formation of algae in storage tanks and pipes. Resultantly, this can turn into a health risk for everyone in the caravan and there is nothing worse than being far away from home on a lovely holiday that ends up due to consumption of contaminated water - a nightmare it is!

Though the water flowing in the streams and rivers may look clean and pure, it still may be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites and other contaminants that you cannot see with your naked eyes.

While camp sites and caravan parks in Australia take all the necessary precautions to provide access to clean water, it would be beneficial to consider investing in a caravan water filter to have filtered water on the go.

When asked about the best water filter, it comes as no surprise that many travellers are left scratching their head in confusion. If you are one of them, we have put together this definitive guide to help you find the best drinking water filter for your on-the-road journey. Once you know what each type of water filter does, it would be easier for you to make an informed decision regarding the purchase. But before we start with the caravan water filter types, let’s look at the different considerations that should be factored into your purchasing decision.


Should all or some water be filtered in a caravan?

Many travellers prefer to filter only some of the water entering their caravan and it’s the right way to do it. The water that should always be filtered is the water that you will consume. For toilet and shower facilities in the caravan, it’s up to your preference; many people don’t usually filter water for these purposes. So, instead of investing in an expensive water filtration solution for all types of water, simply buy a caravan undersink water filter that allows you to enjoy clear, freshly filtered and great tasting water any time without the need for a separate filtered water tap on your sink - all while providing a normal flow rate.

In fact, there are many contaminants found in waterways in Australia that can pose harmful risks even when not consumed. Pesticides and parasites can be found in river or streams and can irritate the skin as they enter the body via mouth while washing the face. For this reason, it is advised to filter as much water as possible, especially the water used for cleaning dishes, washing hands and for drinking.

Having a rough idea of how often you will use the water in your road journey will help you choose the right filter. If you intend to use the filter a couple of times a year, then basic water filter system should suit your needs.

Where are you getting your water from?

In order to invest in a caravan water filter, you need to be aware of the source you will depend on for your water needs. The quality of every water supply is different and some water needs more filtration than others. Like whether you will be using chlorinated town water or untreated river or bore water? Once you are clear on the water source, you can go ahead and buy a suitable filter.

Possibilities of contaminants present in the water?

Bacteria, chlorine, rust, bad taste, odour, algae, sediment, cysts parasite, heavy metals, fluoride are just some of the contaminants that need to be removed from water. Some water filters are better than others at filtering out harmful contaminants. 

Understand the micron rating of a water filter

A micron rating is the size of the particles that a filter is capable of getting rid of.

1 micron=1/1000th mm

This means a 5 micron filter will be able to remove contaminants that are 0.005 mm and larger.

Lifespan of caravan water filters

The life of a filter depends on the quality of the water you are filtering. The more contaminated it is, the faster your filter will become blocked and sooner it will need cleaning or replacement.

How much free space is available in the caravan?

Having a proper knowledge about the space available in your caravan will help you select a water filter of an appropriate size and purpose.

Think about the size of your cupboards and cabinets. Is there adequate space available inside these areas to install a water filter? Or you have to install it above or under the main sink?

Taking a few measurements like the height, width and depth of these spaces would help you pick the right filter.


There are many different ways through which you can filter your drinking water when caravanning but these three are the most popular ones.

  • Twin /Triple Filter Kits
  • Inline Filter Kits
  • Compact Caravan Reverse Osmosis Systems

Twin/Triple Caravan Water Filter Systems

By installing this filter, you can filter all the water available in the caravan, from drinking to toilet and sinks to showers. A twin/triple caravan water filter system is mounted outside the vehicle to avoid space issues and eliminates the risk of causing water damage within the caravan (if the system becomes loose during transit). It is repeatedly used as a demountable system that can be stored and detached while you are on the move.

Inline Filter System

Unlike, twin/triple filters, this one is used only for filtering drinking water and not designed to purify complete water line.

Inline filter system is compact, has a non-intrusive design and is mounted inline, under the sink. As this filter contains Silver, it will not invite bacteria like other carbon filters do, when not in use. That said, it is considered perfect for caravaners.

Besides, the best part is, unlike with other types of filters, the caravan owners don’t have to take the filter out and refrigerate when not in use.

Compact Caravan Reverse Osmosis

Compact caravan RO is used to filter drinking water and can be mounted under the sink. But if there is space restriction, extra tube can be provided to keep the tank in a separate location. RO water is produced and stored in a 6Lt tank until required for the next use. And once all the water is used from the tank, the filter will mechanically produce more water to fill up the storage tank for future use.

The main motive of all caravan water filters is to keep the water filtered for a longer time being. While you are out on a road adventure, you will continuously need to drink and use fresh and healthy water. With a caravan water filter by your side, you can go anywhere you want without worrying about the water and health issues related to it.

If you are planning your big road trip, be sure to seek professional guidance before you start your journey. At Filter Systems Australia, we offer the best assistance to our customers when they are making a decision to invest in a water filter. We are specialised in understanding different water filtering needs of customers and offering them the best water filter for removing chloramine and other harmful contaminants from water.

By investing in one of our caravan water filter solutions, you will have the convenience of having fresh, filtered drinking water on the road, meaning you can relax and enjoy your adventure at every stop. You can set it and forget it as the filter cartridges will not be needed to be changed for a year (that is entirely based on the quality of your water source).