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John Guest® 12mm Equal Elbow Joiner Twist & Lock­™ PEM0312W (10-105WM)

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John Guest® PEM Fitting Range

The PEM Range of 12mm metric size fittings are manufactured in white X-Linked Poly-ethylene. They are designed to meet the rigours of caravan hot water. Being especially produced for hot water domestic and commercial plumbing, the fittings are durable whilst being completely demountable and meet Australian WaterMark Certification.

John Guest® Twist & Lock™ Range

Speedfit Fittings have a unique grip then seal construction, made up of a collet with stainless steel teeth to grip the pipe and an O-ring to provide a permanent leak proof seal.
When connecting Speedfit Pipe to a Speedfit Fitting, be sure to always use a pipe insert to strengthen the connection for use on hot water.
The head of the insert has been designed for ease of insertion.
The additional benefit of the John Guest Twist & Lock Fittings is that a twist of a screw cap locks the pipe in position and gives increased compression to the O-ring for even greater security. This eliminates the need for locking rings to secure the collet.

Making a Good Connection

Prepare the Pipe:

Ensure the pipe end is free from score marks. Cut the pipe square using a tube cutting device. To prevent damage to the fitting, remove and burs from the end of the tubing/pipe. When using tube inserts, a twisting motion will aid the insertion.

Twist & Lock™:

The fitting should be in the unlocked position, this is shown by a small gap between the screw cap and the body flange. Push the pipe fully into the fitting until it hits the pipe stop. When the piping has been securely inserted, screw the twist lock cap into the locked position. Give a firm pull to the pipe to check that it is secure. It is good practice to test the system prior to leaving site or before use.

To Disconnect:

The screw caps will need to be screwed back to an unlocked position. Push the collet square against the face of the fitting by using fingers or a collet release tool. With the collet held in this position, the pipe can be removed. The fitting can be used multiple times without replacement.

What NOT to do

Do not use hacksaws or any other tool that created burs or rough edges on the pipe, don’t use damaged or scored pipe as this can damage the O-ring.

Don’t forget to push the pipe fully into the fitting, past both the collet (teeth) and the internal O-ring.

Do not insert finger into the fitting as the stainless-steel teeth may cause injury. Always test the system under pressure to check for leaks.


  • Genuine John Guest® Twist & Lock™ 12mm Fitting
  • WaterMark Certified for Use on Hot Water over 90°C
  • Suitable for use on LLDPE and BPEX Tubing (12mm)
  • Increased O-Ring Compression for a Positive Water Seal
  • Compatible with John Guest® Tube Inserts TSM12
  • Approved Fitting for Caravan Manufacturing


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