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Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 1500GPD | 5600L/Day 4L/Min GT1-99

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Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

The LSRO-1500G is a compact design that includes a 1Hp inbuilt pressure pump to work on water sources with > 25psi feed pressure.

This type of RO system is widely used in commercial and industrial applications where high volumes of Reverse Osmosis filtered water is required for manufacturing, brewing or applications that require pure or de-ionised water.

This filter system is designed for use on municipal water supplies and can be used on bore water if adequate pre-filtration is applied.

The LSRO-1500G system uses standard size cartridges for easy sourcing and maintenance.

Functional Introduction to Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration is one of the most effective water filtration methods in current technology. The method of using high pressure and semi-permeable membranes to separate solvent and solute has been applied broadly to separation and condensation in every type of liquid.

Generally, RO systems can have above 99.99% Rejection Rate of organics. For minerals, RO systems usually remove between 94% – 98%.

RO Systems require adequate pre-filtration to maintain the product life of the membrane which is an expensive and sensitive filter. Pre-filtration must remove chlorine, Reduce SDI, Reduce Turbidity, Hardness, and other impurities that may affect the life of an RO membrane.


Permeate Flow Meter
Concentrate Flow Meter
Raw Water Pressure Gauge
Working Pressure Gauge
Variable Drain Pressure Gauge & Valve
Recycled Water Valve
20” x 2.5” Twin Pre-Filters
Inlet, Flush solenoid valves
Microcomputer control box with Water quality sensor
Manual or Automatic Flush Operation
Chemical Medicament Inlet Valve
Comprehensive Instruction Manual with Index

Important Warnings

For the correct operation of this appliance, it is essential to observe and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

This system is designed to be mounted on a solid base in a vertical position.

All electrical wiring and installation must be done by a qualified electrician and adhere to Australian Electrical Standards.

Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions may result in personal injury or death and may cause property damage. This may void warranty and insurance.

Electricity Warning

  1. The system will require earthing when it is hardwired into power. This must be done by a qualified electrician.
  2. The systems electrical components must be protected from coming into contact with water. If the electrical components come into contact with water, it may cause a short circuit and may result in electric shock.
  3. Please contact the manufacturer if any components are to be modified, disassembled or repaired. FSA is not liable for any property or personal damage sustained during modifications, disassemble or repair if not first notified and confirmed.
  4. During all works on the unit, the power must be turned off to the system. The system will require 2 people to operate for safety.

Chemical Cleaning & Handling

  1. If chemicals come into contact with skin, refer to the MSDS of the specific chemical to treat correctly.
  2. Use Safety Glasses, Chemical Resistant Gloves and other required PPE when handling chemicals as per the MSDS.
  3. Ensure that chemicals are not mixed unless a qualified person is handling the chemicals.
More Information
Type Water Filter

Equipment Specification

Manufacturer:                                Lan Shan
Part Number:                                  LSRO-1500G
FSA Part Number:                           GT1-99
Water Production:                           0.25m³/Hr (4.15L/Min)
Recovery %:                                    50%
Membrane Housing:                        4040*1 (SUS304)
RO Membrane:                               TFC 4040*1
High Pressure Pump:                      1Hp Pump + PROCON 2507X Pump
High Pressure Pipe:                        KAI TAI Pipe & High Pressure Nylon Tube
Low Pressure Pipe:                         US Regular SCH80 PVC Pipe
Control Device:                              IC Box
Water Quality Meter:                      PPM Digital
Flow Rate Meter:                            Area Instantaneous flow metre *2
Solenoid Valve:                               Inlet + Flush ½” NPT
Pre-Filter:                                       5uM 20” x 2.5” PP Filter*1
Frame Material:                              SUS304

1. Automatic Flushing Device
2. Low Pressure Water Protection 
3. Operating Pressure Adjustment
4. Automatic Shut-off when Closed Circuit
5. Pump set with protecting device
6. Automatic Control
7. Water quality detecting system with indication lights
8. Back-Flow adjust device & Pump outlet water Adjust

Feed Water Conditions

Turbidity:                                         < 4 NTU
SDI:                                                  < 5
Temperature:                                   < 30°C
Chlorine:                                          < 0.3 mg/L
Iron:                                                 < 0.2 mg/L
Manganese:                                       < 0.1 mg/L
Hardness:                                          < 150 mg/L
TDS:                                                  < 500 mg/L
Silicon:                                              < 10 mg/L
Feed Pressure:                                   > 25 psi

Water Production:                           ~ 4.15L/Min * Based on inlet water meeting required specifications
Rejection Rate:                                 > 96%* Rejection Rate = (Feed Water + Output Water) / Feed Water x100%

Membrane Testing Pressure:      225 psi
Highest Pressure Difference:      20 psi
Operating pressure is subject to pure water flow

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