Semi-Commercial Aquarium Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 1500 Lpd | 62 Lph

Product Code: GT1-12DI

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Availability: Out of stock



RO water purifications systems will reduce and eliminate TDS (total dissolved solids) like salts and minerals/ fluoride from our drinking water.

This is an ideal RO for filling and toping up aquariums and can be programmed with the use of a tap timer to fill specific volumes daily. It can easily be connected off the main supply line from a bore or water supply by using a garden hose timer to regulated the filtering time.

This unit will provide approx 63 Ltrs/Hr - so to produce 200 Ltrs/Day the system would only run for little more than three hours a day.

When the timer shuts off the water supply, the pressure will drop and the solenoid will shut the system down automatically. When the timer opens the flow again the following day the pressure will increase and the system will automatically start producing water again.

Because it's capable of 1500 Ltrs/Day, the timer can be altered to suit the amount of water required each day or alternativel can be manually opperated.


For those Aquarium owners that produce a large volume of aquarium water, we have an option to upgrade to a large 10" x 4.5" big blue housing full of DI which will last much longer between resin refills.


The system is complete with it's own pre-filtration, the stages are as follows:

Stage 1: 20" x 2.5" 20 Micron poly pleated washable sediment filter

Stage 2: 20" x 2.5" 5 MIcron poly spun sediment filter

Stage 3: 20" x 2.5" 5 Micron carbon block

Stage 4: 4 x 100 gpd membranes (filmtech material) 2 x 24v 2.3lpm Pumps 70 - 100 psi

Stage 5: DI Resin for 0 TDS water Suitable for aquariums

Note: System only to be used on biologically safe water supply. No warranty will be given on dam, river or creek waters with an organic loading. Pre-Filter Cartridges should be changed every 12 months without fail or sooner if necessary. Membranes will depend on the inlet water quality and the components of the water. this can range between 6 months for heavy usage on poor quality bore water or up to 3-5 years for more conventional use

System Dimensions:

Height: 85cm to top of Bracket

Depth: 26cm depth of Bracket

Width: 44cm width of system

Carton Dimensions:  88 x 30 x 51cm

Gross Carton Weight: 26.5kg



Due to the nature of the products we sell, a strict return policy is in place. We work with food grade certified materials that must be un-opened and un-used as to be able to be re-sold.

You will receive a credit of equal amount, less the postage cost to send it to you. 

  • Wrongly purchased items may be returned for a merchandise credit, this applies for but not limited to: Wrong size, wrong system etc.
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If you have any questions about our return policy, please contact us before purchase. This will also help to ensure you purchase the correct product that suits your requirements.


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