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Single 13” x 54” Water Softener with 145LT Brine Tank 50 - 75 L/PM (GT41-32-13)

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Quick Overview
  • Single 13” x 54” Water Softener with 145L Brine Tank
  • 50L/PM (Continuous) – 75L/PM (Peak) Flow rate
  • 75 Lt of Food Grade Softening Resin
  • Genuine Runxin 63604 Softening Valve
  • Pre-Loaded Vessel for easy installation
  • Built in Raw Water Bypass (No hardwater bypass)


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Single 13” x 54” Water Softener with 145LT Brine Tank

Have you got Hard Water??? Installing a Filter Systems Australia water softener will remove limescale and eliminate those hard water stains leaving you with soft water saving you time and money.

What is hard water? Hardness is a measurement of calcium and magnesium in water and this can cause staining, calcification and may damage appliances, hot water systems, pipes and fittings over time if not properly addressed. Removing hardness from the water will greatly improve the quality of the water and its effects include lower surface tension, better effects from soaps and detergents, healthier hair and skin, longer lasting appliances (such as kettles, dishwasher, hot water cylinder etc.) and fixtures, less scale build up in showers.

Brief Technical Explanation of how a softener works:

Softeners are full of cation exchange resin. The resin beads have sodium ions attached to them. As the hard water passes through the resin bed, the calcium and magnesium ions swap places with the sodium ions.

The calcium and magnesium ions are left attached to the beads, while the water leaving the water softener contains more sodium ions. The hard water is softened because it no longer contains calcium or magnesium ions.

Once the resin beads in the softener become saturated with calcium and magnesium ions, they must be regenerated by adding sodium chloride (Water Softening salt). The sodium ions replace the calcium and magnesium ions on the beads. Sodium chloride is cheap and widely available, making this a convenient and cost-effective system.


Please note: these systems have been based on treated mains water, if you wish to treat bore water please contact us before purchasing to ensure this system is suitable for your needs.

Please note: These systems exlcude softening salt, we advise you source softening salt locally 


  • Single 13” x 54” Water Softener with 145L Brine Tank
  • 50L/PM (Continuous) – 75L/PM (Peak)Flow rate
  • 75 Lt of Food Grade Softening Resin
  • Genuine Autotrol 268 Head with 762 Micro Processor Fully Programable
  • Pre-Loaded Vessel for easy installation
  • Built in Raw Water Bypass (No Hardwater Bypass option is available)


System Performance

Please note: the performance is based on 150ppm of Hardness, these values can change please contact us directly with a copy of your water analysis to ensure this softener can be sized correctly


Example 1:

Hardness Setting 150ppm
Salt Setting 110gr
Salt Usage 8.3 kg per regeneration
Capacity Removal 4.3kg
Calendar Override Set to Zero
Water Treated 28,600L (before regeneration is required)
Service Flow rate 50 L/PM Continuous
Peak Flow rate 75 L/PM
Backwash Flow rate 17 L/PM


Example 2:

Hardness Setting 250ppm
Salt Setting 110gr
Salt Usage 8.3 kg per regeneration
Capacity Removal 4.3kg
Calendar Override Set to Zero
Water Treated 12,200L (before regeneration is required)
Service Flow rate 50 L/PM Continuous
Peak Flow rate 75 L/PM
Backwash Flow rate 17 L/PM


System Dimensions

Vessel Inc Head

1450mm Height x 350mm Width Approx.


Brine Tank

516 mm x 950 mm




Inlet/Outlet Manifold: 1-3/4” BSP 

Bypass Manifold:1-3/4” BSP 

Drain : 3/4" Thread 

Brine Draw: 3/8” Tube

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Type Water Treatment

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