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Been using the portable system for years now. Still have and totally happy with the old mineralising stone and FIR, 6 stage set up. I go no where else for all our filtration needs. The portable is great for anyone renting or travelling, its easy to install and adjust for any tap young or old with some fiddling. I have ours on a garden timer so we can walk away while it is filling a container without the nuisance waste of forgetting about it. 2 hours fills 20 lt container on normal pressure. I love FSA and would recommend them to anyone. Daisy Knight


Hi Jo Just a thank you for your help and assistance - the filter is working beautifully and I now have no asthma symptoms and my breathing is so much better big plus getting wonderful nights sleep thank you all again. Might be an idea to put an ad in sleep-apnia and cpac publications - there's a lot of us out there. C Johnson


The health of our drinking water is something I care very much about and something which you as a company have clearly gone the extra mile to make accessible and understandable to the average consumer with a level of integrity and generosity seldom found in commercial transactions. I am simply a very satisfied customer. Admin


let me just say, WOW! Approx 500ml water/min! To say that I am a happy customer is being overly modest. You have done me a truly golden service. Know that I will be zealous in my praises whenever the topic of drinking water arises among company- hopefully I can repay you with some friend-&-family referrals. I forgot to add drinking to waste water ratio is amazingly down from 1:4 to 3:2! So where before a 15L bottle yielded 60L of garden/laundry water, now I only have 10L to have to dispense with. A big THANKYOU for everything you've done, if I was anymore satisfied I'd be twins. Admin


"Hey Ian. Just a quick email to say "thanks!". I have just put the DI membrane onto my portable RO unit with ease. The readings have gone here in Perth from: 478 pre filter 42 post but pre DI And A BIG FAT ZERO post DI!! (as you said it would...) Thanks again - one very happy satisfied customer A.G


Thanks you very much Cody for this information you have been very informative and a great help. If you are not please forward this to you boss to let him know what great work you do. Cheers mate! James


Many thanks for the installation. The water colour has changed dramatically since installation and it should be fantastic with the carbon filter and the tank cleaned. I have waited 10 years to see clear water so thanks again! Rod & Anne | Colquhoun Tropical Leisure Services Pty Ltd


Just a quick note, Have been using the FSA RO system for a few days now. Does exactly what it claims to do (zero TDS) and easy to install (literally plug n play) Shrimp Keepers Forum User: Geo


Hi. I bought the above item approx 4 years ago from FSA and without a doubt is the best investment I ever made in my personal health. It is the best water ever! Now, I want to take it with me in my campervan as I am about to embark on a road trip around Australia. Andrew


Water Filtration is imperative for the smooth running of Dental Equipment. There is zero margin for error and finding somebody who knew water and knew how to get us what we needed was tough. That was until I found Ian Gundrill. Ian and his team at Filter Systems Australia have gone above and beyond to ensure our filtration requirements have been met. Not only is our water ZERO TDS, our filter system is compact and very easy to maintain. Their knowledge on water is second to none and the prices are excellent. Similar systems are selling for 5 times the price in most dental catalogues. Thanks Ian, I would thoroughly recommend you and your products to anyone wanting high quality products and the industry knowledge to support it. Management and Staff at Gentle Dental Nambour

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