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We have a young family who use tank water, and we have recently been hearing a lot on the news about water quality issues. I went online and ended up completely confused with all of the conflicting information. I started calling around and eventually found a company called Filter Systems Australia. Not only did they take the time to listen to my concerns, they worked with me to ensure I received the system to best suit our situation. We now have tank water that is absolutely crystal clear and I no longer have concerns about my young children contracting water born diseases from digesting this water. I cannot thank Ian and Brian enough for their friendly, professional service. If like me, you want to talk to people who know their stuff give these guys a call! The Boulton Residence


Thank you! When I realised my daughter had fluorosis it became vital to find a solution to what we were basically being forced to drink and cook in... looked high and low for a decent RO system and they were really pricey to buy and maintain. After a bit more searching I found your store on eBay and never looked back. Your portable system is a total Godsend, Ian. We move so much due to the rental nightmare in this country and I can engineer my attachments and timers for anywhere we go with a bit of low brow technical wizardry here and your components and know how there. I wish it was easier to express without gushing just how valuable your hard work has been to many of us. My mother has one, which I maintain for her, so do my friends in Tasmania and my Friends up in Broom Hill, though I think they are on tank water at moment, they used it when they were renting on scheme. Pals in Broadbeach, and Fremantle here, that's to mention the ones I still have contact with. We all would be lost without your portable systems. So thanks again and for the tips, deeply appreciate your help. Deepest regards Penny and Ullani


an has been supplying water filtration systems to our clients homes for several years now. To date, we have been extremely satisfied with both the product supplied and the level of service provided by FSA. Not once has there been a need to return a system due to poor quality, damaged goods or an incorrect evaluation of the system provided for that particular job. The units have been easy to install and cartridges are easy to replace. If we have had any questions, we have found all the staff to be extremely efficient and all our questions have been answered with one phone call. They have patiently helped us gain knowledge of water filtration to assist our clients achieve the best quality water available. Thankyou , Ian and staff for delivering a product on time, faultless and of such good quality. Much appreciated . The Team At Jaicon Construction Jaicon Construction


Been customer for 4 years and there is no small question for this guys. We love our portable 6 stage reverse osmosis filter! Price is great, I installed it myself, maintenance is easy too Irena Sinelnikova

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