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Ultraviolet Sterilisation Water Sanitation System 105L/m Whole House UV (H7-90-AT)

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Quick Overview
  • Commercial Grade 304 Stainless Steel UV Reactor
  • High Flow 105L/Min - Suit Large Whole House Domestic Application
  • 1" BSP External / 3/4" BSP Internal Threaded Ports
  • Includes Visual + Audible Lamp Failure Alarm
  • High Output UV Lamp
  • Lamp Countdown Timer
  • Compact Unit
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Full Australian WaterMark Certification

This Water Filtration System is certified to WaterMark Standards AS/NZS 3497 Under the Certificate number 23247. WaterMark is the standard that is required by law for a qualified plumber in Australia to install any item on municipal town water. All products used under this certification will give you peace of mind knowing that your water filter complies with Australian plumbing codes. Our WaterMark filtration systems are hand assembled here in Australia and are batch tested to ensure quality and workmanship for your filtration products.

Ultraviolet Sanitation

UV Water Sanitation is by far the most important filtration process when it comes to rain water treatment. Rain water harbours bacteria of all types but is some cases much more harmful bacteria may be present in the tank. E-Coli is a common bacterium in tank water and is due mostly to Frogs in and around your tanks/catchment. Ultraviolet sanitation works by breaking down the cell wall of a micro-organism allowing oxidation to occur which in turn prevents the bacteria from multiplying until it is finally eradicated. Ultraviolet filtration is a chemical-free solution to water sanitation creating no by products in the water.

Kit Contains

  • H7-90-AT - WaterMark Commercial UV System 48W | 1” Ports
  • H7-90-BRK (x2) - Pair of Aluminium Mounting Clamps + Screws
  • H7-90-Lamp - 436mm 4 Pin 48W High Output UV Lamp
  • H7-90-Thimble - 470mm Quartz Thimble 23mm*OD
  • H7-90-PS - Certified Ballast 42-105W Australian Plug + Earth Cable
  • GT7-2NSF-OR - NSF/ANSI 42 Compliant O-Rings Suit 23mm*OD


  • Commercial Grade Electropolished 304 Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Visual & Audible Lamp Failure Alarm
  • 1” BSP Threaded Male Connections & 3/4" BSP Internal Threads
  • Strong Aluminium Mounting Brackets – Surrounds Chamber
  • High Intensity UV Lamps – Up to 105L/min @ 30mJ/cm²

Water Pre-Treatment Specifications

  • Hardness             < 120 mg/L
  • Turbidity              < 1.0 NTU
  • Iron                    < 0.3 mg/L
  • Manganese          < 0.05 mg/L
  • Tannins               < 0.1 mg/L 
  •  Filtration            < 5uM Particulate Filtration

UV System Maintenence Notes:

Ultraviolet systems are rated based on a dosage level of UV-C radiation into the water (mJ/cm²), with 30mJ/cm² being the standard level of disinfection and a minimum dose of 40mJ/cm² required to comply with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Our lamps are rated with a 9000 hour (1 year) lifespan, after which point the lamp will naturally degrade and the level of radiation produced by the lamp cannot be guaranteed.
The UV lamp sits inside a quartz thimble, which protects the electrical components of the lamp from making contact with the water. We specifically use quartz (fused silica) for this application because it is strong, exhibits thermal resistance, and has excellent UV transmission properties.
However, over time, metal ions fused within the silica structure of the quartz thimble interfere with the UV-C radiation produced by the lamp, which reduces the UV transparency of the glass and causes it to become fragile. This process is called solarization.
Tannin, bio-film, algae, and scale can also build up on the outside of the glass thimble, further preventing ultraviolet light produced by the lamp from penetrating through the thimble, and impairing the system's ability to sanitize the water passing through.
Thus, we recommend replacing the lamp every 12 months, and the thimble every 1-2 years.


Max Flow                    105L/Min (For 30mJ/cm² EOL)
Voltage                      110-240V (Ballast)
Voltage                       60V (Lamp)
Chamber                    304 SS
Ports Size                   1” BSP Male or 3/4" BSP Female
Max Pressure              8 BAR
Working Pressure        Up To 70psi
UV Lamp                    H7-90-Lamp
Lamp Power               48W
Lamp Length              436mm
Thimble Length          470mm
Thimble OD                23mm
Thimble                     H7-90-Thimble
Ballast                       H7-90-PS


Length                          500mm (Without Plug)
Between Ports               340mm

Earthing: Before operating this unit, it must be earthed. Simply attach the supplied earthing cable connected to the chamber to an earthing rod.

Technical Data

UV systems are not designed to be turned on and off. Doing this may shorten your lamp life. Lamps should be changed every year. The lamp may still be working, but after 1 year, the power may not be able to kill all bacteria. The Quartz thimble should be replaced every 2 years. If hardness is high it is recommended to service and clean the UV thimble every 6 months or as required to remove and scale that may build up.

Dosage – H7-90-AT

General Disinfection (Common)                 30mJ/cm²
Flow Rate Maximum (EOL)                        105L/min

Recommended for Drinking Water             40mJ/cm²
Flow Rate Maximum (EOL)                        75L/min

Return Policy

Due to the nature of the products we sell, a strict return policy is in place. We work with food grade certified materials that must be un-opened and un-used as to be able to be re-sold.

You may receive a refund or credit of equal amount, less the restocking fee if applicable and any other deductions that are relevant.

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    parts (List Price) and labour charge (if applicable) to repair the system(s). This will be separate to the restocking fee.
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  • Any damages to the system that were not reported to FSA within 48 business hours of receipted delivery are not covered under our transit warranty.

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