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Quick Change | 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis | Full Water Filter Cartridge Replacement Pack (1-11EQ5-FULL)

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  • Full Filter Pack for GT1-LSRO-EQ5AN Quick Change RO System
  • Includes Membrane
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Quick Change | 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis | Full Water Filter Cartridge Replacement Pack (1-11EQ5-FULL)

  • Stage 1- 1x 1uM Dirt Sediment Filter (ST-01)
  • Stage 2- 1x GAC Filter (ST-33)
  • Stage 3- 1x 5uM Carbon Block (ST-CTO)
  • Stage 4- 1x 50 GPD RO Membrane (ST-RO50)
  • Stage 5- 1x GAC Coconut Carbon/Alkalising Post Filter (ST-34) OR Mixed Bed Deionising Resin (DI) (GT4-55-DI) (For RO/DI Systems Only)

Stage 1: The 1 Micron Sediment Cartridge (2-46-1 ST-01) (Replace Every 6 Months)

The first stage is a 1 Micron (uM) Sediment filter composed of 100% melt-blown polypropylene fibre. This cartridge helps to help protect the carbon pre-filters and reverse osmosis membrane from physical damage caused by particulate matter such as sand, dirt, silt, plant spores, and pollen. Physical contaminants such as these (which can surprisingly be found in most municipal water supplies), tend to clog up filter system components causing reduced water flow, lower osmotic pressure, diminished filtration efficiency, and ultimately, inferior water quality. Changing this filter every 6 months is vital!

Stage 2: The Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Pre-Filter Cartridge (4-55-GAC ST-33) (Replace Every 6 Months)

The second stage is a high-grade granular activated carbon pre-filter. This type of loosely-packed carbon enables a high level of water flow through the system, whilst "taking the first hit" to absorb harmful organic chemicals and contaminants. Keeping up with regular maintenance of this pre-filter (changing it every 6 months) helps to extend the life of all filters that come after it, including the reverse osmosis membrane.

Stage 3: The 5 Micron Coconut Carbon QC Cartridge (4-55-CTO ST-CTO) (Replace Every 12 Months)

The third stage is a 5-micron high-grade coconut carbon block pre-filter. Similar to the GAC filter, but with a unique carbon block matrix for maximum surface area and contact time, this special carbon cartridge takes the biggest load of contaminant removal, prior to the membrane. Replace every 12 months.

Stage 4: The Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Cartridge (50GPD Filmtec) (13-RO50 ST-RO50) (Replace every 3 Years)

The RO membrane is the "engine room" of this high-performance system, where all the hard work of removing ultra-fine micro-particles, metal ions, and dissolved mineral salts takes place to achieve the maximum level of chemical and contaminant reduction, down to 0.0001 of a micron. Because Reverse Osmosis is such a fine level of filtration, it requires high osmotic pressure, which also explains why we use three pre-filters to help protect the membrane from getting clogged or internally damaged by fine particulate matter.

Stage 5: Dual Finishing Cartridge: Japanese Activated Coconut Carbon/Calcium Alkalising Post-Filter (4-55-ALK ST-34ALK) - (Replace Every 12 Months)

The last stage features the finest grade of Japanese activated coconut carbon to ensure the purest taste, which then passes through calcite (CaCO³) alkalising media to raise and buffer the final pH to between 7-8, without causing hardness. Note that upon installation, a new Calcium Alkalising cartridge may register an initial pH higher than 8, but it will quickly balance out.


Stage 5: (For RO/DI Systems Only) The Mixed Bed Deionising Resin (DI) Water Filter Cartridge For Demineralised Water, Low EC, Max Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Reduction (GT4-55-DI)

Creates RO/DI water for Dental, Medical, Cosmetic, Gardening, Hydroponic, Aquaponic, Aquarium & Brewing applications. Depending on how much water you use, you may wish to change this cartridge on a 6-monthly basis. The final stage features a Virgin Mixed Bed Deionising Resin, composed of highly purified acid cation and base anion resin that creates a higher level of purity than using RO filtration alone. Note that the higher the TDS of the incoming feedwater, the higher the residual percentage of TDS that will be left post-filtration by the RO. Thus, the purpose of the DI filter is to "polish" the water and pick up any residual TDS (salts) left. This cartridge produces consistent results where the highest quality of pure water is required, with minimum ionic and non-ionic contamination.

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