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6 Stage Hydrogen Rich Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Full Replacement Pack GT1-11SHFM

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Replacement Pack Suited to the NEW 6 Stage Portable Hydrogen Rich Reverse Omsosis Water Filter System


  • Stage 1: Inline GAC Carbon Pre-Filter 1 Micron
  • Stage 2: Asprinn 50GPD NSF Certified Reverse Osmosis membrane 0.0001 Micron
  • Stage 3: T300 Hydrogen-Rich Water Filter Cartridge 1 Micron
  • Stage 4: FAR Infrared - Bioceramic
  • Stage 5: Puretron Inline Carbon Filter 1 Micron


Changing your filters:

Inline water filter cartridges are very simple to install and dismantle. As the name suggests, the water flow is inline which means that either end of the cartridge contains a fitting to accommodate tubing.
When changing filters on the 6 stage Shuttle, we recommend taking a photo of the system from various angles, then one by one, changing the cartridges. This will help you remember the orientation of the filters and the flow direction and may save you time trying to put the filter back together from scratch.

  1. Using Push-Fit Connections: These connections are very easy to use however if you have not used them before, may be a little tricky at first. To remove the tubing, depress the floating collet, then pull on the tubing and it should release. When re-installing, you need to firmly push the tubing into the opening until you feel a “click” which signifies that the tubing has pushed through the internal O-ring and is seated correctly. If leaking occurs, it may be due to roughly cut tubing OR the tubing is not pushed in far enough. See images to the right for visual instruction on push fit connectors.

  2. Installing Fittings: All fittings, excluding the membrane housing fittings (1/8"), come with an o-ring fitted to seal the connection. For quality assurance and extra security, when the fittings are installed, we apply 6-8 rounds of standard white plumbing tape to the fittings. It is recommended that you also apply thread tape when re-installing fittings to help prevent leaks over time. Ensure that you remove all thread tape (as best you can using a stanly knife) without damaging the thread of the fitting, then apply approx 6 rounds of thread tape. If you experience any leaks or cross threading, the fitting may require replacement and can be purchased from our store. You will require a shifter to install these fittings.

  3. System Restart: When the new filters are installed, you will then need to flush the system again. Much the same as when you first use the system. Disconnect the tubing from the screw cap end of the membrane and flush the water through the pre-filter (stage 1) for approx 1-2 minutes, shaking the filter frequently to loosen any carbon fines. When this has been completed, reconnect the system and run for about 15-20 minutes to flush out the remaining filters. HINT: If you can, plug each filter directly into the inlet line and flush it straight off the kitchen tap pressure. This will greatly shorten the flushing times.

T300 Hydrogen Rich Water Filter (GT6-32)


Made from pure Magnesium

Certification 2008 FDA No. 163-28666-872

Service Life: 12 Months or 4,000L

Max Flow: 2.8L/Min

Max Pressure: 125 PSI

Max Temp: 55°C


Made In Taiwan


Inline Carbon Taste & Odour Filter (GT6-21)



NSF/ANSI 42 Certification

Service Life Stage 1: 6 Months or 2,000L
Service Life Stage 5: 12 Months or 4,000L

Max Flow: 2.8L/Min

Max Pressure: 125 PSI

Rating: 1 Micron Nominal


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