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Triple Caravan Water Filter System 1-4T

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Heavy Construction Housings tested to 120 psi

Supplied with pre-assembled white bracket. 

Note that these housings are BLUE meaning they are suitable for outdoor use. Don't be fooled into buying WHITE HOUSINGS for use outside. They are NOT UV resistant.




Height: 370mm
Width: 440mm
Depth: 165mm


Due to popular demand and ongoing feedback from Caravaners and Nomads all across Australia We have decided to release this Triple Caravan Water Filter System,  EXCLUSIVE To Filter Systems Australia.
This system gives you the ability to get clean and usable water out of dirty (sediment) creeks/rivers or dams. Other filter systems will block very prematurely but this one is up to the task with its Pleated/Washable filter, which helps to protect the other filters from the heavy sediment usually found in dirty water sources.
To top it off after using this filter you can remove the Pleated filter and hose it out, removing any coarse debris that can cause the system to clog up and go on using the filter.
While travelling from caravan park to caravan park, or even off the beaten track to a secluded area, there is no way of knowing what the water quality will be, whether it be town mainsbore/spear or even by a creek or damALL of which have the potential to contain either heavy sediment and debris, or even chemicals such as chlorine or herbicides/pesticides from nearby farms.

You won't find a filter such as this one anywhere on the market that even comes close to its quality.

Some cheaper version of this original system are NOT supplied fitted with a Suitable, Sturdy Bracket. The result of this is huge stress on the centre joiner. This in turn can cause leakage and even complete failure of the joiner nipple.

We recommend not using this system as a portable filter system to avoid damage whilst in transit. Store securely when not in use.

Suits standard Australian size cartridges 10" x 2.5". The port sizes are 3/4" for high flow to 45 LPM. To maximise the efficiency of the carbon cartridges for drinking purposes, you should not exceed 15 LPM.

Do yourself a favor, you have earned your retirement money,don't waste it on CHEAP Chinese knock offs.

We are very proud to be the first to offer these true, common sense savings to you!! When buying filters the 3 main aspect you need to block out are: 

1. Sediment, Dirt, & Rust
2. Chemicals, Chlorine, Organics , Taste, & Odour
3. Giardia (Cysts) 

Giardia needs to be filtered out through 0.5 micron filtration. In the past, the only method of doing this was to buy expensive 0.5 micron carbon filters. We are happy to say that we now offer a much cheaper alternative, which is the 0.5 micron Sediment Filter.
The 0.5 micron sediment filter effectively reduces Giardia, thus allowing you to purchase any micron rating Carbon Filters, because regardless of the micron rating they will ALL extract the chemical elements.


Filter Options:


Standard:  They suit most water sources that you may come across around Australia.

Silver Carbon: Includes a silver impregnated sediment filter for anti-bacterial properties. These are suited to applications where the system may not be frequently in use for periods of a week or more. Recommended for caravan use for their convenience of not needing to be prematurely changed due to bacteria growth. 

Dam / Creek / Bore:  These Filters are universal in the fact they can perform the job of the standard filters but allows you to use water with higher sediment content, commonly found in dam creek and bore water. The 20 micron washable pre filter prevents premature clogging up, followed by a 5 Micron Poly Spun, then a 0.5 Micron Coconut Carbon Block.

Heavy Sediment: These filters are mainly suited to dam, creek/river and bore water where the water is visibly dirty and there are signs of heavy sediment. The pre filter is replaced with a 100 Micron mesh strainer for easy washing/ re-using. The secondary filter is a 20 micron washable also which should produce clear water and a final 5 micron polishing filter. These filters are ideal for tank filling or running the shower/toilet. Additional filtration/sanitation is required for drinking.


Pleated/Washable Sediment Filter


They are best suited for tank water, rivers, creeks or streams. Anywhere where there is a heavy level of debris or sediment in the water, which may cause standard filters to block prematurely.

Pleated filters have up to 20x's more surface area than a standard polyspun filter!

This gives them a higher surface area to catch more debris and a much longer life duration before replacement is necessary. They can be washed and removed time and time again, until they begin to perforate, then they will need to be replaced.


These economical sediment cartridges are constructed from polypropylene which is spun and melted simultaneously. This technique means there is no centre core to restrict filter performance. The sediment filters are compatible with most liquids and are highly effective for sediment, rust, sand, silt, and algae removal. Sediment filters have no chemical residuals. They are extremely high performing, carry a heavy load of sediment before requiring replacement. We choose to use these sediment filters over all other types due to the high performance, high flow rate, high load capacity, and there inability to grow bacterial slime. Also suitable for filtering cooking oil. 


The perfect carbon block filter is made from 100% Coconut Shell Carbon, which creates what many believe to be sweeter tasting water. The unique pore structure of this carbon is well suited for chemical adsorption, including VOC’s, while reducing chlorine and chemicals that contribute to taste and odour.

This high quality 100% Coconut Carbon filter is the exact filter we use as our front line carbon filter. As a rule it is difficult to find 100% coconut carbon filters. Most lower priced filters on the market are a blend of coconut carbon and coal based carbon. The problem with coal based carbon is that it has a shorter life and often results in a less palatable flavour. We use this 100% coconut carbon filter in all of our pre-assembled kits.

These are top of the range HIGH QUALITY coconut carbon block filters are ideal for taste and odour issues, and perfect for total extraction of town water chemicals. TOP OF THE RANGE 100% coconut carbon, this particular filter is currently supplied throughout the European market as a premium drinking water filter. As the Exclusive importer to Australia, we are in a prime position to offer you this high quality filter at rock bottom prices, direct from importer to the public.

Contains Poly Prophylene ends and meshing rather than rubber. (Rubber has a tendency to harbor bacteria). Poly Polypropylene is designed with this in mind, resulting in long life and pure water. NO BAD SMELLS OR TASTES. This filter is truly as good as it gets!




These gel filled balls slow release Poly Orthophosphate which is a food grade phosphate used extensively in the US to protect mains water lines from corrosion.

In Australia this technique is mostly used to encapsulate calcium and magnesium hardness preventing scale build up in hot water services and heat exchanges.

This works by coating the ions at the molecular level preventing the precipitation of these elements.
As used in the US , it also has the ability to coat the inside of pipes and connectors preventing corrosion under some specific circumstances it can be very successful



Water Sanitation:


Bacteria can colonize in the stagnant water and results in harmful illnesses when consumed - such as E.coli.

HydraSil is a hydrogen peroxide, based with a silver activated sanitizer, which acts to oxidise bacteria, without leaving any dangerous residues behind. 
HydraSil sanitizes and protects your tanks and water storage devices, making the water safe and suitable for human consumption. 
HydraSil is not a chlorine based chemical like most sterilisers on the market today. It is non toxic, and safe to use around your home and family.


Dosage Rate: HydraSil should be doesd at a rate of 200mL per 1000L of water.
To scale down to tank size, you will require 20mL per 100L.
This is the recommended dosage however if you are unsure of the water sourse, it does not hurt to double this dosage.


Return Policy

Due to the nature of the products we sell, a strict return policy is in place. We work with food grade certified materials that must be un-opened and un-used as to be able to be re-sold.

You may receive a refund or credit of equal amount, less the restocking fee if applicable and any other deductions that are relevant. 

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If you have any questions about our return policy, please contact us before purchase. This will also help to ensure you purchase the correct product that suits your requirements.