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2x Universal Plastic Vitamin Shower Filter - Long Life Vitamin C Chlorine Removal Filter GT39-16

GT39-16 x2
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NEW! Longer Lasting Filter Cartridge

For over 4 years the Vitamin Shower Filter with DOLKI Ceramic Ball has dominated the Shower Filter market. The New and Improved Vitamin Shower Filter now comes with a Larger Cartridge that holds even MORE Vitamin C, giving a longer lasting and more effective shower filter.

Now that the Ceramic ball is no longer in the cartridge, the canister will now fill the entire length of the housing, so if you are wanting to upgrade to these new cartridges, simply remove the Ceramic ball and install the new filter cartridges.

These new Filters will extend the life of the filter cartridge providing up to 3 months of filter life, extending the lifespan a whole month compared to the older model. Less time changing the filter saving you both time and money!

Photos of the new and old cartridge can be seen in the other photos.

 To View Replacement Filter Cartridgeds Click Link Below:

Vitamin Shower Replacement Filters

NEW! High Quality Chrome Plated ABS Plastic Head Piece

Along with the new cartridge, Vitamin Shower has also upgraded the Head construction of the filter to a more sturdy and robust Chrome Plated ABS Plastic Material.
This head will last longer and stay more visibly attractive than its older predecessor.

Photo of the Old and New filter comparison in other photos.



  • Compatible with hand-held and fixed shower heads.

  • Durable ABS plastic chrome plated materials to withstand high temperature and poor water quality

  • Simple and fast installation without the requirement of a plumber.

  • Transparent filter housing that allows you to 'see the magic happening'. Helps to determine when a filter cartridge requires replacement (15,000L with a water saving shower head OR 3 Months)

  • Sleak ABS Chrome finish

  • Softens the water while the Vitamin C filter Neutralises 99.99% of Chlorine in your shower water.


The Universal Vitamin Shower Filter. You will notice that the volume of suds increases on soaps and shampoos due to the decreased surface tension (and softer water); the water will have a lighter, smoother feel to it. Water that has been softened will allow moisturisers to penetrate skin more deeply due to the decreased surface tension. It helps to reduce colour fading while at the same time, improving texture of damaged, dry or colour treated hair.



  • 2x ABS Plastic Chrome Plated Universal Vitamin Shower Filter - Cartridge Installed

  • 4x NEW! Long Lasting Filter Cartridges

  • Installation Instructions

  • Plumbers tape to ensure water tight fit.



Vitamin-C has commonly been recognised as playing an important role in the appearance of firm and young looking skin. It can help reduce symptoms and reactions caused by skin conditions such as eczema and can prevent dry skin, lines and wrinkles. Vitamin Shower Filters can also promote healthier hair and ease dry, itchy scalp.

Vitamin Shower Filters

This range of Vitamin Shower Filters neutralise 99.99% of Chlorine and Chloromines from municipal water by the effect Vitamin C has on Chlorine. The Vitamin Shower Filter can also be used for aquariums, providing chlorine free water with no need to shock treat the water or use more expensive forms of filtration such as Reverse Osmosis.

Water Softening

Australia has a high percentage of 'hard' water, commonly found in rural areas and the western half of the country. Hard water can have negative effects such as dry skin, skin irritation, scale build up and may even render soaps and shampoo highly ineffective at creating suds. The Vitamin Shower Filter will help soften the water by reducing the surface tension, allowing soaps to work more effectively and give moisturisers a much better chance of absorbing into the skin.

Respiratory Problems:

Temperature of a warm shower will naturally open the pores on your skin which allows higher absorption. Unfortunately this allows Chlorine and other chemicals to also enter the body much easier. When town water is turned to steam in a hot shower, the levels of Chlorine and other synthetic chemicals can be up to 20 times more concentrated due to the lower vaporising temperature of these chemicals compared to water. Chlorine and other chemical vapours are well known to be a strong irritant to lung tissue and links between asthma and bronchitis are beginning to form with the chemical. Chemicals that are directly inhaled go straight into the blood stream and can have highly increased effects as opposed to ingestion of a chemical that are filtered out by the liver and kidneys.

In addition to the linked health benefits of showering in Chlorine and Chemical Free water, The U.S. Council of Environmental Quality has commented that, "Cancer risk among people using chlorinated water is as much as 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine."


More Information
Type Shower filter

Product Name: Universal Vitamin Shower Filter with Longer Lasting Cartridge


Thread Type: 1/2" BSP Threads (Male and Female)

Filter Life: 3 Months (15,000L)

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