WaterMark Twin Undersink Water Filter | MAXIMUM CHEMICAL REDUCTION (1-46WMW)

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Regular Price: $299.00

Special Price $245.00



Kit Contains:

  • Twin Water Filter System with 1/4" Ports (WaterMark CERTIFIED)
  • 4x 1 Micron 100% Coconut Carbon Block Filter
  • Plastic Opening Spanner
  • Entry Tee Compliant to NSF/ANSI 61
  • 2 Metres 1/4" Tubing (White)
  • Comprehensive Installation Instructions
  • Bat Handle Tap
  • Quick Connect Hose Fittings x 2
  • Colour Packing Box
  • 1 x Roll Thread Tape
  • 500KPA (70psi) Watermarked, Australian regulation Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV)


This Complete Water Filter System certified to Watermark Standards AS/NZS 3497 Under the Certificate number 23247.
Most retailers advertise Watermark certification; however, this usually only applies to the Housing ONLY. 
Our entire kit is watermark certified which includes; Stainless Steel Centre Joiner, Approved Tap, Approved Filters, ALL Compliant NSF/ANSI 42 Approved Fittings.

Don't short change yourself by purchasing 'Watermark Kits' when in fact, you are only getting housings that fit that standard.
Ask for the certificate showing the entire kit as being watermarked before you buy.

Watermark certification is the level of certification required by law for a licensed plumber in Australia to install a water filter system. All products used under this certification will give you peace of mind knowing that your water filter complies with Australian plumbing codes.

Our Watermark certified filter systems are hand assembled here in Australia and are randomly batch tested to ensure top quality and workmanship for your water filtration products.



Detailed Description


-------> LIFE-TIME WARRANTY <--------

Watermark Approved Housings

Top of the range WATERMARK Twin Undersink Water Filter System.

Are you tired of buying things on the internet and finding out there are additional things that you should have to protect your filtration system?

Are you tired of filters that claim to remove chlorine only to find that the taste still remains within the water?

Are you tired of systems that claim they are DIY however installation is very tedious and difficult?

Then look no further than our new WATERMARK Twin Undersink Water Filter System.


Gone are the days of struggling to get the right amount of thread tape onto your fittings (such as the feedwater block and brass ball valve). Now, thanks to this handy combination fitting, it's simply a matter of interrupting your cold-water line with this tee and plugging in the 1/4" tubing to the filtration system.

The other benefit of this fitting is that by having the built-in isolation switch you can easily turn the water on and off for cartridge changes.

Dual 1 Micron 100% Coconut Carbon Filters

Chlorine is getting more difficult to remove from the water these days due to the fortifiers that the government are adding to our water supply. Filtration is all about contact time as not a lot of people know. This is the reason we supply this kit with 2 top of the range 100% PURE Coconut Carbon Filters. This gives the system double the contact time with the carbon and removes almost ALL of the chlorine from the water. The result is fantastically fresh, clean water with a pure, crisp after taste.

100% Pure Coconut Carbon Filter

This high quality 100% Coconut Carbon filter is the exact filter we use as our front-line carbon filter. As a rule, it is difficult to find 100% coconut carbon filters. Most lower priced filters on the market are a blend of coconut carbon and coal based carbon. The problem with coal based carbon is that it has a shorter life and often results in a less palatable flavour. We use this 100% coconut carbon filter in all of our pre-assembled kits. They are top of the range HIGH QUALITY coconut carbon block filters, ideal for taste and odour issues, and perfect for total extraction of town water chemicals. 

This particular filter is currently supplied throughout the European market as a premium drinking water filter, and we are in a prime position to offer you this high-quality filter at rock bottom prices, direct from importer to the public. 

The perfect carbon block filter is made from 100% Coconut Shell Carbon, which creates what many believe to be sweetest tasting water. The unique pore structure of this carbon is well suited for chemical absorption, including VOC's, while reducing chlorine and chemicals that contribute to taste and odour. 

They are best suited for eliminating taste and odour in tank water supplies, or extraction of chemicals in town water supplies. Carbon filtration is the best form of filtration for chemical extraction due to the longer and more thorough contact time the water has with the carbon, which in turn provides an extremely comprehensive method of chemical removal. We HIGHLY recommend this method of filtration for chemical taste and odour extraction. 

Please note that some of the components shown in the picture for this listing may change from time to time.
For a limited time this kit includes a bonus upgrade to the stylish and up-market Chrome Bat Handle Faucet. A modern inclusion in any style kitchen...large or small. Durable Chrome design ensures long lasting, reliability.

500 KPA (70psi) Pressure Limiting Valve

Please also note the PLV is not covered by the Lifetime warranty. PLV's are in the kit to protect the equipment from potential damage, however, in this process the PLV may itself be damaged, or experience wear that could weaken the components within the PLV. To ensure that you protect your equipment from pressure spikes we recommend replacing the PLV every 2 years as a precautionary measure, available through our store.



Height: 358mm
Width: 240mm
Depth: 125mm

Filter Rating for Chlorine Removal

8,000 gallons@ 1.0 gpm2.5 psid @ 1.0 gpm


Due to the nature of the products we sell, a strict return policy is in place. We work with food grade certified materials that must be un-opened and un-used as to be able to be re-sold.

You will receive a credit of equal amount, less the postage cost to send it to you. 

  • Wrongly purchased items may be returned for a merchandise credit, this applies for but not limited to: Wrong size, wrong system etc.
  • 30 Day return Policy: We will accept returns up to 30 days after the initial purchase, all orders should be checked immediately for damage/fault upon arrival to aid us with the return process.
  • Return shipping is to be paid by the buyer to the address provided
  • Should the item appear faulty or doesn’t work how described, the unit/item must be returned for testing (if requested), the return postage paid by the buyer. If the unit/item is deemed to be faulty, compensation will be provided for the postage cost. If the unit/item is deemed to be in working order and as described, the buyer will need to pay for return postage. 

If you have any questions about our return policy, please contact us before purchase. This will also help to ensure you purchase the correct product that suits your requirements.


Can I install my Water Filter on my own or do I need a Plumber?
For quality assurance and Insurance reasons, we always recommend using a licenced plumber who is familiar with water filtration. This ensures that the installation runs smoothly and is professional. If you fancy yourself reasonable at DIY type projects, we provide you with all the necessary components and instructions you need to conduct the installation yourself. Our technical support team are contactable during business hours on 1300 888 008 should you have any queries about installation.

Will Undersink Water Filters Remove Fluoride?
Standard Undersink filters will not remove fluoride from the water, we recommend using reverse osmosis as it is the safest, and most effective way of removing Fluoride from the water. There are proclaimed Fluoride Removal Cartridges on the market however they use a material called Activated Alumina which will remove Fluoride up to approx. 80% while the filter is new, but will then rapidly depreciate to the point where it is no longer effective. The other down side to the Activated Alumina cartridges is, they have a tendency to leach heavy metals into the water when the filter ages. If you do not keep a strict routine for filter replacement, it may be introducing dangerous heavy metals into your drinking water.

What are Undersink filters for?
There are a few different models of Undersink filter that each have their own specific purpose. The most common model of Undersink filter you will come across is a Sediment + Coconut Carbon configuration. As the name suggests, they have a dual action, the first filter will remove dirt/particles and sediment, while the Coconut Carbon filter absorbs chemicals from the water such as Chlorine.
Some systems elect to use a Dual Coconut Carbon Set up to double the contact time with the water. As we know that carbon efficiency is majorly to do with Contact Time adding more carbon to a system can greatly increase its ability to remove hazardous chemicals, Tannins, Tastes and odours.

Can an Undersink Water Filter remove Chloramine?
Chloramine Injection has recently been introduced into many council regions over Australia, including on the Gold Coast where FSA is based. Chloramine presents a number of issues in regards to drinking water including but not limited to; dissolving of heavy metals such as lead into the water, release of ammonia gas and adverse skin reactions. As previously mentioned, the more carbon the better. Chloramine is very hard to remove by normal means and it is removed in 2 staged. The first carbon filter acts to break open the Chloramine which in turn, releases the other various residual gasses into the water, the second carbon can then easily extract and absorb all remaining residuals, effectively removing the dangerous Chloramine from your drinking water.

How often should I change the filter cartridges?
Undersink Water Filter Cartridges should be changed anywhere between 6-12 months. You will usually notice a distinct change in taste of the water if you have the filters in too long. This signifies that the Coconut Carbon Cartridge is no longer working to its full capacity and is beginning to allow residual amounts of chemicals through into your drinking water. As a rule, you should not leave your filters in for longer than 12 months regardless if you are on town OR rain water.

What is filter protection equipment, and do I need to use it?
 Filter Protection Equipment is an important part of water filtration. Our products are sourced from experienced and reliable manufacturers and also carry the highest level of certification in the water filtration industry. Regardless of Brand, Make, Model or Country of manufacture, water filtration will ALWAYS be the weakest point in your plumbing. The three main causes of water filtration failure are; Overnight pressure surges, Intense Water Hammer Pressure Impacts, and thermal expansion. All of which can be addressed and prevented with a few simple pieces of equipment. A Pressure Limiting Valve is used to buffer the incoming pressure to the Australian Regulation Pressure of 500kPA. This is the minimum requirement for most insurance and warranty validation and is essential when used on Town mains / municipal water. A Water Hammer Arrestor is a copper tube looking device which is commonly found in the laundry (If you have one). It acts to absorb and dissipate pressure spikes in your water lines. Pressure spikes occur from appliances such as the washing machine or dishwasher and can magnify the water pressure tenfold which can cause serious damage to water filtration components. Water hammer gets the name by the distinct sound you hear when the shockwaves rattle loose copper pipes or worn out valves. This is something that is essential to be addressed immediately before installing water filtration. A Pressure Relief Valve is as it sounds. It is pre-set to open once the pressure reaches 110PSI, shooting that pressure/water down the drain line and easing the pressure in your water filter. This is a requirement if you intend to hook up your water filter to a fridge, chiller or ice maker. They are also a good idea to help relieve residual pressure from pressure surges (even if you have a PLV + water hammer arrestor).

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