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All in One Whole House Water Filter System Hybrid with UV Sanitation H1-450

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Quick Overview
  • Full Enclosure: Tamper Resistant & Weather Proof
  • Toughened Glass Viewing Window & Pressure Gauges
  • High Output Ultraviolet Sanitation System
  • 40mJ/cm² @ 75L/Min | 30mJ/cm² @ 105L/Min
  • Fast Plug & Play installation
  • Full Plumbing Bypass for Maintenance
  • Standard Size 20" x 4.5" Cartridges
  • Neutral Colour, High Strength Powder Coated Steel
  • Vast Range of Filter Options Available to suit Most Applications
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All in One Whole House Filter System

The HPF Hybrid All in One System is the ultimate in water filtration for your whole house. Don’t settle for systems that have half covers or enclosures that can be easily tampered with and which expose the bottom of the housings and pipework.

The H1-450 comes with everything you need to get started including a fully built in bypass constructed of WaterMark Certified PEX Tubing throughout, there has been nothing left to spare.

The H1-450 is designed to be completely plug-and-play, reducing installation times significantly and reducing the cost and time for installation.

The full body enclosure is designed to be completely water tight around the sensitive electrical components, eliminating the need to build or install additional covers to protect the electrical components. The extra-large viewing window made from toughened glass makes viewing the gauges & ballast easy and wont craze (produce a network of fine cracks on (a surface)) like Perspex or hardened plastics.

With different selections of cartridges, we have a system that is right for you. High Performance Filtration have done the research and we have done all the work but more so we have thought about the end user who is you the consumer and put together systems that are made for each and every situation.

The High Output UV Lamp used in the UV system provides the maximum dosage of UV radiation into the water ensure all pathogens, bacteria and viruses are sanitised even at peak flow rate of the largest size homes.

Filter Options

Choosing the right system for the right application can be a long drawn out frustrating process. High Performance Filtration has taken the guess work out of what is needed and have put together the best possible systems for any situation. We have clearly outlined what to use where and why, and have also considered the budget for each and every customer so that everyone can afford to have clean healthy water the way nature intended

CTO - Chlorine Taste & Odour Reduction

When it comes to Municipal Mains Water, Chlorine is generally the biggest concern for consumers. Whether it be the smell, taste or health effects it causes, most people are in agreeance that they want it gone from the water. While Chlorine is effective at sanitising the water and keeping it free from bacteria and viruses, there are several VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) formed when the chlorine oxidises with other components present in the water. These are known as DBP’s or Disinfection By-Products and the most common formed by chlorine is Trihalomethane (THM) and Chloroform.

The H1-450CTO system is designed for the effective elimination of these VOC’s in the water, along with the complete removal of Free Chlorine residue in the water. This will provide you with clean, great tasting water free from nasty chemicals and remove or reduce any chemical smells in the water cause by free chlorine.

LPD - Low Pressure Drop

Low water pressure is often referred to as the ‘bane’ of water filtration. Most filtration systems require minimum working pressures exceeding 350kPa to ensure the system functions correctly and also does not affect the flow or pressure of the water to the house. The H1-300LPD is a perfect example of a system that can incorporate coconut carbon filtration into the system without compromising severely on the outlet pressure into the home. It is a fact that low pressure can be an issue for not only tank water but also mains water as there are areas with limited water pressure or pressure that fluctuates frequently, this is also very common in estate or complex buildings.

The 20uM Low Pressure Drop Carbon (LPD 4520-20) comes in to its element in these conditions. It has been specially manufactured to have very low density to allow free flowing water without compromising on chlorine removal. This is achieved by using a special blend of high iodine coconut carbon with a hydrophilic nature which allows the carbon to have a smaller required contact time to remove the same levels of chlorine as its counterparts. Carbon is also required in some tank water applications to remove organic smells or tastes in the water.

LRC - Lead Reduction Composite

Rain water can play havoc on the internal plumbing and fixtures within your home due to its acidic pH and corrosive nature. This corrosive water will begin to attack everything it can find, including your old plumbing pipes, copper and even brass fixtures that may contain traces of lead.

The H1-450LRC System is perfectly suited to remove trace heavy metals that may be present in the water. Heavy metals can be present in the water due to several factors and should be removed before they enter the house.

BCC - Bacteriostatic Carbon (Silver Carbon)

When filtering rain water or other un-treated water supplies, bacterial loading & contamination is a big issue that can affect the performance and lifespan of your filter cartridges. Silver Coconut Carbon, formally referred to as Bacteriostatic Coconut Carbon is the number one choice. The silver impregnated carbon media helps prevent bacteria from colonising within your carbon filter cartridge which may prematurely block your filters. This will not only create potential foul tastes & smells, but also cost hundreds of dollars more to replace cartridges too frequently. Our Pure BCC cartridges are designed specifically for tank water filtration to provide a longer life and also incorporate anti-bacterial properties to fight bacteria.

The H1-450BCC System is supplied with a 5uM Pleated Washable Sediment filter to remove sediment, dirt and other particles, followed by the 5uM Silver Coconut Carbon Filter as a final polishing stage.

SED - Sediment Only

The H1-450SED system is designed for filtration on more of a Raw water supply. This can include the sediment filtration of Dam, Creek or river water for in home use or utility use. It is also able to suit tank water application where the tanks may have copious levels of sediment due to either the age of the tank or lack of protective gutter devices to pre-screen water into a tank. This specific combination of sediment filters is close to a one-size-fits-all approach to all of your sediment filtration requirements.

SMC - Surface Modification (Tannin Reduction)

Surface Modification Carbon uses a unique blend of highly reactive catalytic coconut carbon with the highest performance reduction technology. SMC filters are the best type of cartridges to remove colours in water, including most tannins. They are commonly referred to as ‘Tannin Removal Filters’.

CRC - Chloramine Reduction Composite

Chloramine is fast becoming the most important topic when it comes to municipal mains water. Free chlorine has long been the choice of water companies and councils until the use of Monochloramine has yielded significant improvements to expenditure for water sanitation. Unfortunately for the consumer, chloramine poses several health and aesthetic effects from skin & Respiratory issues to heavy metal leaching (from old pluming). Aesthetically monochloramine gives a strong Chemical Smell in the water and when mixed with the fluoride additive in water can also increase the corrosive properties and has been known to dissolve copper and lead from plumbing.

The H1-450CRC System is designed to combat Chloramine and VOC’s in 3 different ways; Firstly, the Pre-Filter absorbs the majority of the VOC’s and other organics that are already present in the water which helps protect the catalytic carbon (stage 2). The Chloramine filter then is able to remove Chloramine to its maximum efficiency, without loading up full or organics, shortening its life. As water passes through the Chloramine filter, the Chloramine reacts with the surface and neutralises the molecule, producing other compounds that are then absorbed by the carbon. To reduce the residual levels in the water, a UV system is used to clean up any residuals that make it through the filter including Chloramine, Chlorine, VOC’s such as THM’s and other DBP’s, ensuring that you have the best reduction of all chemicals in the water.

Dimensions H/W/D (cm): 85/81/23
Flow Rate: Up to 106L/Min
Operating Temperature: 1°C - 50°C
Operating Pressure: 20 psi (140 kPa) - 70 psi (500 kPa)
Cartridge Size: 20" x 4.5"
Cartridge Life: Check Cartridge Specification or 12 Months
Lifetime Warranty*: Conditions Apply, See Warranty Sheet for Details
Kit Warranty: 1 Year from Purchase Date - Parts Only

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