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Kinetico Mach 2020c Water Softener Auto Regeneration NO POWER GT41-13

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Kinetico Water Softener


Before you make your purchase, we will need to see a copy of your water analysis.
If you have not had your water tested by a NATA Certified Labratory, please follow the below link to our
water analysis service.


What Makes The Kinetico® 2020c Different?

1. Non-Electric Operation. Reliable, no timers or computers to set,
adjust, repair or replace.

2. Metered, Demand Service. Unlimited supply of clean, soft water.
Eliminates guesswork, water and regenerant waste, and hard water

3. Outstanding Warranty. Dependability, peace of mind.

4. Overdrive Enhanced. All tanks are in service simultaneously. Increases
performance, efficiency, flow rate and media life.

5. High Flow Rate. System keeps up with the conditioned water needs of
today’s demanding households.

6. Large Porting Size. Perfectly suited for larger plumbing found in many
homes. Up to 1 1/2 inch.

7. Efficient Hardness Removal. Assures consistent and continuous
clean, soft water. Saves money on soaps and cleaners. Protects plumbing
and appliances.

8. Effective Iron Removal. Removes soluble iron* from water.

9. Fresh Resin Zone. Enhances system cleaning and adds a final polish to
water. Maintains top performance.

10. High Quality Resin. Long life, high capacity to assure quality water.

11. Efficient Use of Water and Regenerant. Low water consumption.
Less money spent on regenerant.

12. Corrosion-Resistant Valve and Tanks. Long lasting.
Can endure harsh environments.

13. Soft Water, Countercurrent Regeneration. Increases product
efficiency and water quality.

14. Automatic Operation. Just add regenerant.


The beauty of these softeners is that they are CONTINUOUS. They do not need to be stopped and backwashed like most other water softeners. They are created to be basically bulletproof - the Roles Royce of Water Softeners. 

Kinetico filters and systems are cleverly engineered to solve your specific water problems. Kinetico Water Filters and Systems are designed to get right to the problem and make your water clean, clear and welcome in your home again. Our systems are carefully designed to eliminate the most common, challenging issues: cloudy water, rust or blue-green staining and rotten egg smell. They solve your specific water challenges without putting a major burden on your time - or your budget. Depending on the water quality in your home, one or more systems may be necessary to return your water to a pristine state.  


*    Kinetico Series water softeners operate without the use of electricity. Powered by the energy of moving water, there are no electrical components to repair, replace, set or adjust.  

*    Kinetico Series water softeners make sure you always have soft water, whenever you need it – even during regeneration. And when you don’t need water, your system takes a break. It won’t work unnecessarily so it’s more efficient than competitive systems.

*    Kinetico Series water softeners are the “go to” products for more severe water challenges, like very hard water with iron. Certain models can even tackle the jobs of removing chlorine and particulate matter from water in addition to making the water soft.


Unmatched Performance These systems soften water more efficiently, effectively and economically without spikes in performance for a continuous supply of soft water.
Tailored to You We take the guesswork out of water treatment. Your local Kinetico water professional will analyzeyour water and suggest options that fit your needs
Non-Electric Our systems are powered by the force of moving water and not electricity for a patented "unplugged" approach to softening your water.

Uncompromised Our systems use less energy, create less waste and last a long time, eliminating frequent replacement. They're good for you, your home, the environment and your wallet.


Operating Profile

Softener shall remove hardness to less than 8 mg/l when operated in accordance with the operating instructions. The system shall include two tanks. This duplex configuration shall operate with one tank on-line during service. During regeneration cycles, one tank shall provide water to service and to the regenerating tank. A water meter shall initiate system regeneration. The water meter shall measure the processed volume and be adjustable. Service flow shall be up-flow and regeneration flow shall be down-flow.

Regeneration Control Valve

The regeneration control valve shall be top mounted (top of media tank), and manufactured from non-corrosive materials. Control valve shall not weigh more than four pounds. Control valve shall provide service and regeneration control for two media tanks. Inlet and outlet ports shall accept a quick connect, double o-ring sealed adapter. Interconnection between tanks shall be made through the regeneration valve with a quick connect adapter. Control valve shall operate using a minimum inlet pressure of 1 bar. Pressure shall be used to drive all valve functions. No electric hook-up shall be required. Control valve shall incorporate four operational cycles including; service, brine draw, slow rinse, and a combined fast rinse and brine refill. Service cycle shall operate in an up-flow direction. The brine cycle shall flow down-flow, opposite the service flow, providing a countercurrent regeneration. Control valve shall contain a fixed orifice eductor nozzle and self-adjusting backwash flow control. The control valve will prevent the by-pass of hard water to service during the regeneration cycle.

Media Tanks

The tanks shall be designed for a maximum working pressure of 8.6 bar and hydrostatically tested at 20.7 bar. Tanks shall be made of engineered plastic with a 2.5 in. threaded top opening. Each tank shall be NSF approved. Upper distribution system shall be of a slot design. Lower distribution system shall be of a flat plate design. Distributors will provide even flow of regeneration water and the collection of processed water.

Conditioning Media

Each softener shall include high capacity non-solvent fine mesh resin, having a minimum exchange capacity of 80 grams of CaCO3 per liter of resin when regenerated with 0.24 kg of salt per liter of resin. The media shall be solid, of a proper particle size and shall contain no plates, shells, agglomerates or other shapes, which might interfere with the normal function of the water softener.

Brine System

A combination salt storage and brine production tank shall be manufactured of corrosion resistant, plastic. The brine tank shall have a chamber to house the brine valve assembly. The brine float assembly shall allow for adjustable salt settings and shall provide for a shut-off to the brine refill. The brine tank shall include a safety overflow connection to be plumbed to a suitable drain.

Please Be advised, the total price as advertised does NOT include salt to fill the brine tank for regeneration.
The reason we do not include it is because the freight cost is more expensive than buying salt locally from a hardware /pool store.
The System holds 2x 4Kg Salt blocks. Ensure that you only use Water Softening Salt, NOT pool salt.

 System Specifications:

Height: 482mm
Width: 203mm
Depth: 482mm
Media Volume: 4.5L

Flow Rate (1 - 2 bar): 22.7 - 38.2L/Min

Hardness Range: 51 - 513mg/L (Compensated Hardness)

Regeneration Volume: 18.96L
Regeneration Time: 11 Minutes
Regerneration Type: Automatic - Mechanical

Operating Weight: 38.5Kg
Shipping Weight: 20.4Kg

Due to the nature of the products we sell, a strict return policy is in place. We work with food grade certified materials that must be un-opened and un-used as to be able to be re-sold.

You will receive a credit of equal amount, less the postage cost to send it to you. 

  • Wrongly purchased items may be returned for a merchandise credit, this applies for but not limited to: Wrong size, wrong system etc.
  • 30 Day return Policy: We will accept returns up to 30 days after the initial purchase, all orders should be checked immediately for damage/fault upon arrival to aid us with the return process.
  • Return shipping is to be paid by the buyer to the address provided
  • Should the item appear faulty or doesn’t work how described, the unit/item must be returned for testing (if requested), the return postage paid by the buyer. If the unit/item is deemed to be faulty, compensation will be provided for the postage cost. If the unit/item is deemed to be in working order and as described, the buyer will need to pay for return postage. 

If you have any questions about our return policy, please contact us before purchase. This will also help to ensure you purchase the correct product that suits your requirements.

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