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One Stop Plus™ High Flow Water Softener System NO Salt NO Maintenance 41-28

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Quick Overview
  • Whole House High Flow Water Softening System
  • Removes Limescale & Reduces Heavy Metals
  • No Electricity, No Salt, No Regeneration
  • Up to 114L/Min @ 1300mg/L Hardness
  • Filter Lasts Over 2-4 Years*
  • Revolutionary Vortech Bottom Distribution Technology
  • No Under bed Gravel Required
  • High Flow - Low Pressure Drop Commercial Scale Stop 

One Stop Plus™

The OneStop Plus™ system is not a softener, it is a water conditioner designed to protect open circuit piping from limescale deposits. It can be installed as a Point-of-Entry device, for both cold and hot water, or as a Point-of-Use device, installed directly before the equipment that needs to receive treated water (saunas, dishwashers, washing machines, coffee machines, etc.).

OneStop Plus™ prevents limescale by interacting with the calcium carbonate molecules, turning them into harmless soft crystals. These soft carbonate crystals continue to flow with the water but do not attach to surfaces and are simply washed away down the drain. At the same time the soft crystals “snow ball” their way through the water attracting free  calcium carbonate molecules dramatically reducing existing limescale deposits. The water treated by OneStop Plus™ keeps the original healthful minerals while solving limescale problems.

SpringTech™ FRP Vessels

Global Water Solutions SpringTech™ series represents an exclusive range of composite tanks featuring the unique and revolutionary Vortech™ technology. The patented Vortech™ system is the world’s newest, most innovative and most efficient bottom distribution system.

Cleaning is greatly improved, free board is reduced, and it works with all softening and filtrating media. The SpringTech™ series with the unique Vortech™ technology provides a cleaner and more efficient system. Advanced, computerised manufacturing processes and the finest materials make the SpringTech™ series composite vessels for water
treatment systems stronger and superior to the competition.

Vortech™ Distribution Technology

  • Requires up to 30% less backwash flow rate, conserving water for the consumer.
  • High flow design maximises today’s high efficiency valve technology
  • Permanent attachment of dip tube to distributor, so when servicing a valve, distributor stays in place; no more re-bedding
  • Eliminates gravel, saving net costs and weight for shipping
  • Improved system pressure drop characteristics
  • Self-cleaning nozzle design eliminates potential clogging and build-up
  • Increase in softening capacity, due to improved flow through media
  • No channelling of media, providing a cleaner and more efficient system
  • Environmentally-friendly; reduction in required backwash times due to improved bed lift and mixing at lower flow rates
  • Cost-efficient softening regeneration, reducing salt consumption

Features & Benefits of One Stop Plus™

Retains Essential Minerals

  • Converts limescale to harmless crystals
  • Reduces existing limescale deposits
  • Prevents limescale deposits without the use of chemicals, electricity or salt
  • Designed for and safe for drinking water applications.

Environmentally Friendly

  • No water waste from back-washing
  • No regeneration
  • No salt required
  • Increased the efficiency of boilers and all other equipment in contact with the treated water.

Reduces Heavy Metals

  • Reduces copper, lead, zinc and cadmium levels
  • Lone life cartridge - Hardness is not the limiting factor*
  • Compatible with most municipal water supplies (see Specs)

Water Chemistry Limits

pH: 6.5 - 8.5
Max Hardness: 1300 mg/L
Temperature: 5°C - 60°C
Chlorine: <3 mg/L
Iron: <0.3 mg/L
Manganese: <0.05 mg/L
Oil & Phosphates: Pre-Treatment required if present
Hydrogen Sulfide: Pre-Treatment required if present

Height: 140cm
Width: 32cm

Flow: Up To 114L/Min for Maximum efficiency.

* The recommended replacement time for this cartridge is listed as 24 months. One Stop Plus™ filters do not expire due to hardness in water, rather they are affected by the above conditions and heavy metals in water. If your water is free from heavy metals, your filter cartridge will last longer than 24 months.

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