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Waterworks B28 Sensor Activated Hands Free Bottled Water Dispenser - Tri Temperature - Hot, Cold + Ambient (GT46-B28)

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Waterworks B28 Sensor Activated Hands Free Bottled Water Dispenser - Tri Temperature - Hot, Cold + Ambient (GT46-B28)

The Waterworks B28 Sensor Activated Hands-Free water coolers are the latest innovation in water cooler technology to hit the Australian Market. Not only are these touchless water coolers designed to help prevent bacterial transmission, but they feature a unique touch-free tri-temperature function for hot, cold and ambient water, and are engineered to the highest levels of quality and dependability.

  • Choose Colour - High Gloss:
    • White
    • Black
  • NEW Tri-Temperature Touchless Selection Serves Hot, Cold and Ambient Water - Simply wave your hand above the sensor to change the temperature, then hold your hand over the sensor to dispense water, and take your hand away to stop the flow. 
    • Ambient/Room Temperature Water
    • Cold (Chilled) (between 4-10°C) @ 3.2L per hour (Features an extra large 4L 304 Stainless Steel Tank)
    • Hot (between 84-87°C) - @ 7L per hour (Features a large 1.8L 304 Stainless Steel Tank)
  • Wide Removable Drip Tray and Grid - Captures drips and spills
  • Durable UV Protected ABS & Painted Steel Cabinet - For protection from heat and sun damage
  • Lead-Free - Certified Food Grade Materials
  • Compact Standing Model - Perfect For Renters Or Small Office
  • Accommodates the Waterworks® Self-Fill Bottle and Aquanet® Gravity Filter & Standard Bottles
  • Bottle - Select from No Bottle, 15 L BPA Free Bottle or Self-Filter Bottle (SEE BELOW)
  • 3 Year Comprehensive Manufacturer's Warranty


WATER RESERVOIR: Type 304 stainless steel tank in 4L for the Cold Tank and 1.8L for the Hot Tank, which provides superior insulation. The highly polished surface is easy to clean and maintain. Easy-to-replace insulation.

CABINET: Top and front panels are moulded of UV treated ABS and side panels are zinc coated steel sheets covered in electrostatically applied high polymer polyester resin.

COLOUR: High gloss in black or white available as standard.

TAPS: Chrome-look exterior made of ABS plastic with an NSF-approved polypropylene lining. 

TOUCHLESS STATUS DISPLAY: Waterworks' unique design, wave your hand over the sensor (0.5 seconds) to make your selection. Illuminates RED for HOT, WHITE for AMBIENT and BLUE for COLD. Then hold your hand over the sensor to dispense water, and take your hand away to stop the flow. 

Customisable Options

Option 1: Aquanet Filter

✓ Suits most bottle top water coolers
✓ Water on tap and filtered at the point of use
✓ Great tasting healthy drinking water
✓ Guaranteed quality of water
✓ No plumbing required
✓ Lateral flow distribution to prevent channelling.
✓ Filter base perforations for saturated water distribution.
✓ Integral guide rails centrally locate and align bottle neck.

The Aquanet® filter adds a refreshing new dimension to bottled water coolers. It offers advanced design and user-friendly features resulting in great tasting, healthy drinking water.

The Aquanet® functions through a combination of adsorption, absorption, ion exchange and mechanical filtration. Aquanet®  filters the water as it leaves the bottle and reduces water borne contaminants before it reaches the reservoir. The four stage filter media substantially reduces chlorine, bad taste, odour and colour, along with organic impurities, pesticides, herbicides,  detergent, dirt, rust and heavy metals such as lead, mercury and aluminium. 

Aquanet® installs in seconds. It fits perfectly into the cooler or crock. There are no bolts or screws. No tools required.

Stage 1: 5 micron needle felt membrane pre-filter.
Stage 2*: 5 micron weak acid cation resin for reducing hardness, heavy metal and chlorine.
Stage 3**: High grade activated carbon for reducing chlorine, compounds, taste, rust & odour.
Stage 4: 5 micron needle felt membrane final filter. *Weak acid cation resin is designed to reduce alkalinity 
and hardness in water. It is also excellent for the reduction of heavy metals and chlorine.
**EPA approved silver carbon is designed for reducing organic chemicals such as TCE, THM and EDB, plus reducing chlorine. The addition of silver inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Option 2: Self-Fill Filter Bottle

• An economical filter option for homes & offices
• Greatly reduces bad taste and odour due to chemical additives in tap water
• Produces up to 8L per hour
• Fits all Waterworks bottle top water coolers and most industry standard coolers
• No heavy lifting - reduces OH&S risks
• Fits most ceramic dispensers
• Easily installed

Weight & Dimensions

Weight: 19kg
Width: 28cm
Depth: 38cm
Height: 104cm (Not Including Bottle)


The entire range of Waterworks B28 Series water coolers are covered by a Comprehensive 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (copy available on request).

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