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Fluid Reactor Magnetic Water Conditioner | Conditions Water | Reduces Scale (GT31-1020 x2)

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Light Duty Domestic Water Conditioner

Fluid Reactor Set.

Items Included

  • 2x 1020 Water Softening Fluid Reactors
  • Heavy Duty Zip-Tie for easy installation & Durability.

Please contact us directly if you need an earthing kit, approx. $45.00.
Earth Kits are not needed for general domestic applications.

Gauss Rating 4100.

Typically used as a treatment for hard water on domestic houses. Usually applied face to face on the inlet mains water into the house. In some cases where electric hot water is used, you may need to install a second booster on the outlet of your hot water due to electromagnetic interference from the heating element.

If you have electric hot water it is recommended you select the booster before checking out, please contact us if you have and questions.


Hard Water Softening 
Bore Water Solutions 
De-Salt Garden Soils 
Prevents Leaf Burn 
Stimulate Plant Growth - See Testimonials in Additional Documentation 
Hydroponic Water Treatment 
Scale Reduction / Prevention in Water Pipes 
Stimulate Better Livestock Water Consumption

The Fluid Reactor can help with a range of water quality issues. Units will change the properties of any liquid passing through them, and result in numerous beneficial changes. 
Pipes and hoses will have less build-up, cattle are more likely to drink treated water, and crops produce a better yield. 

No power required 
No power connection 
No Costly down-time
Continuous operation 
No salt softeners
No re-current expenditure 
Maintenance free - Scale free
Corrosion free 

Install the Fluid Reactor for maximum product performance No chemicals - Excellent for the environment 

How Does It Work? 

High performance, magnetic energy is focused into the pipe carrying the fluid as it passes. 
Magnetic energy is transmitted to the water. This forces a physical and potential change to occur in the water. 
The calcium in the water and other like-minerals are prevented from crystallising, or causing scale deposits. 

By magnetically locking the water, the surface tension drops and the water becomes softer and performs better. The salt (chlorides & sodium) are reduced in intensity changing the salty taste and behaviour of the water. 

The new Fluid Reactor is more powerful than other units on the market. It also emits a negative defusing technology down the pipe that provides for far greater magnetic saturation. 

The Fluid Reactor provides the most powerfully effective and very real weapon in reducing the effects of salinity in gardening and agricultural use. 

The Fluid Reactor is out-performing every other type of treatment device on the international market within the agricultural industry due to its ability to reduce salinity and soften extremely hard water. 

Pocket the savings, without recourse to expensive salt softeners. Help the environment. Enjoy maintenance free, soft, scale free water for life 

For years the Fluid Reactor Brand has been only available exclusively to our dealer network throughout Australia and Overseas. 2011 Has bought about a big change in the Magnetic Water Treatment industry. Cheaper imports and people running around selling water treatment devises without a shred of knowledge on water or magnetic water treatment has prompted these changes. 

These sellers have been making the fast bucks and leaving clients out of pocket, and with no results, due to poor execution and lack of knowledge. To counter this problem we're bring the range of Fluid Reactors down in price and readily available - straight to the public.

It's essential that you receive the right advice pertaining to your situation and your water analysis. There are no real blanket solutions to water treatment, It's difficult, and at times expensive.We are a water treatment company with specialist Magnetic Water Treatment knowledge. 

We have testimonials and case studies to support our work over many years.If you have a water issue especially involving bore water, either for domestic gardens, commercial crops or scale build-up we invite you to call us on 1300 888 008. 

We are not here to merely sell you magnetic water treatment devices (MTD's), we're here to solve your problems with or without MTD's.

This specific listing is for our Domestic Fluid Reactor System. It is a multi fit unit to suit most pipe sizes from 12mm - 32mm and water with a TDS up to 600 ppm, (pending the break down analysis). 

Water as high as 1200 ppm can be treated by doubling this system, (pending the break down analysis).We recommend selling these systems after consultation regarding your specific water situation. 

This specific listing is for our Domestic Fluid Reactor System. It is a multi-fit unit to suit most pipe sizes from 12mm - 25mm and water with a TDS up to 600 ppm, (pending the breakdown analysis). 

Water as high as 1200 ppm can be treated by doubling this system, (pending the breakdown analysis). We recommend selling these systems after consultation regarding your specific water situation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions and Documentation:

We've had many a question asked of magnetics over the years; so we decided to write them and our answers down in an effort to give you all the information you need to know without the need to scour the rest of the Internet looking for it. Likewise, as we come across research that is relevant to any relevant topics, they will be made available here. 

If there is anything you would like to know that isn't listed here, please don't hesitate to contact your local representative.


What is Magnetic Conditioning? 

Using magnetic energy to condition any fluid or gas for improved performance of that gas, or fluid. 

How does this occur? 

A very powerful south-pole magnet is placed over a pipe carrying fluid and the energy from that magnet is induced into the passing fluid and held there as it moves on. 

Using a special process called Negative Diffusing Action only contained in the Australian Fluid Reactor, the very focused and powerful positive energy, only from the magnetic south-pole, is inducted into the passing fluid or gas.   

This new potential substantially alters the behaviour of the molecular nature of the passing fluid.   In the case of water, a number of things occur.   

Molecular change: This electrical activity prevents calcium from forming as a hardness crystal along with magnesium by making the oxygen molecules un-available to the either ion in the water.   

This absolutely prevents scale from naturally occurring from calcium carbonate, as it cannot reach the oxygen molecules necessary to form this compound. 

What effect does this have? 

It will remove existing scale build-up from all plumbing equipment by re-dissolving the scale back to solution. It effectively releases the oxygen molecules from the calcium carbonate.   

Calcium and magnesium both become ions again and thus both are more available for use, not to cause damage. 

Softening The magnetic action also magnetically locks the molecular behaviour of the fluid, lowering the surface tension, creating a further softening effect. Like blocks in a box, the miniature poles of a water molecule, are changed by strengthening the natural molecules positive charge.   This causes a greater attraction to the opposites (north).   The poles lock and remain locked and the surface tension drops as there is no further molecular movement. 

Magnetic condition offers a number of changes The magnetic lock occurs and the DC voltage induction both impact on the fluid or gas being treated. 

Test and Taste change These changes will cause a pH change in some water supplies, depending on the molecular make up and also taste change must follow. Other changes also occur.   

How is the Fluid Reactor installed? 

This is the next critical step.  Although the Fluid Reactor is extremely powerful and very well developed, both installation and knowledge of the water supply being treated are both important. 

How long due the units last? 

Virtually forever. (Ten year manufacturers warranty is given) 


No maintenance, ever