Quick Change - Twist Fit

Quick Change - Twist Fit

If your filtration goal is to improve the taste/odour of your water, and remove chemicals such as Chlorine, Disinfection By-Products such as Chlorate, Chlorite, Bromate, Trihalomethanes, and Haloacetic Acids, as well as Pesticides and Herbicides, our range of under sink carbon filters will do an excellent job! If you are in an area where Chloramine is used, you will require a specialized high-grade Catalytic Carbon Chloramine Reduction Cartridge - in which case we recommend our Maximum Chemical Reduction System. Please note that Carbon Filtration alone DOES NOT remove Fluoride or Heavy Metals. If this is your concern, check out our range of Reverse Osmosis Filter Systems. If your water source is Rain Water, check out our range of Undersink & Benchtop Rain Water Filters.

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