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Portable 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System For Brewing 280L/Day (GT1-70B)

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Quick Overview
  • WaterMark Certified Kit - Food Grade Materials
  • Compact Portable RO Unit - Adapts to 3/4" Garden Tap
  • LOW Waste Water Ratio - On Average 1L : 1.5L
  • Highly Economical cost per L filtration
  • Simple Installation - Install and remove in as little as 30 Seconds
  • Provides Ideal Water for Brewing Coffee, Tea, Spirits, Beer & Kombucha
  • Great for Manufacturing
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Portable Reverse Osmosis System

The NEW FSA Portable Reverse Osmosis System has been designed specifically for Brewing & Manufacturing. The GT1-70B unit has been specifically configured to run Sediment --> Carbon --> Membrane which provides straight Reverse Osmosis water with no further influence from post filters such as alkaline filters or GAC carbon filters. 

The lack of post filter allows the pH to remain stable at a range of 6.2 - 6.5 pH with a TDS of <10 (Dependant on several factors). Regular RO units that have post GAC filtration (usually for drinking water) elevate the pH of the water to as high as 10.5pH due to the reaction the pure water has on the Activated Carbon in its new state.

The unit is fitted with a standard 3/4" Female Garden Tap Adaptor but you can purchase and additional laundry block adaptor or a kitchen tap diverter valve using the checkboxes in the listing

Kit Contains

  • Inline Sediment Filter 5uM
  • Inline BL@CKFREE Coconut Carbon Filter (Acid Washed)
  • 75 GPD Asprinn Membrane
  • Inlet 3/4" Adaptor
  • Instruction Manual
  • Tubing, Clamps & Fittings (Pre-Assembled as per photo)

Stage 1: Inline 5uM Sediment filter

Poly Spun is the best type of filtration you can get. They do not accumulate bacteria as much as other materials, as well as being high flow and low pressure drop. Effective in all applications. 5 micron is a reasonably fine filtration and would be suited on high quality bore water or town water or infront of RO's.

100% Virgin Polypropylene material - Compatible for Our Watermark Certified Systems

Purefer Polypropylene filters are made using a unique single nozzle manufacturing process, where a single nozzle blows melted polypropylene onto a spinning 5 micron filter core. As more Polypropylene is blown, the filter diameter gradually widens and the outer density of the filter decreases.

Stage 2: Inline BL@CKFREE Carbon Filter

The World’s First Patented Filter that Protects RO Membranes and Faucets

An internal polypropylene post filter is inserted into the filter cartridge to prevent carbon fines from escaping. Eliminates “carbon black” from water while protecting the RO membrane and faucet from carbon fines, extending RO membrane and faucet life. Protects the Safety of Drinking Water with Increased Chlorine Removal Efficiency

Incorporates bacteria resistant PET pads instead of foam sponges, thus ensuring drinking water stays pure and uncontaminated.

All parts are sealed using advanced friction welding, eliminating the need for glues

Cartridges are filled with 100% coconut shell activated carbon with an iodine number of 1000 for improved chlorine removal efficiency.

Inline Filters and UDF Cartridges are filled with 100% pure coconut shell activated carbon with an iodine number of 1,000 for improved chlorine removal efficiency.

Industry’s Highest Pressure Rating

Cartridge body designed to withstand high pressures.
Minimum burst pressure exceeds 500 PSI.
Reduces risk of damage and/or rupture from water hammer.

Stage 3: Asprinn 75GPD RO Membrane (FilmTec Material)

Removes 98% of impurities including organic and inorganic, chemicals. The membrane, is the "engine room" of the reverse osmosis filtration system. All the work is done here, so all the filters before the membrane are primarily there to protect the engine. This membrane will produce up to 75GPD (280L/24hr) of clear pure water @ 70psi within the working feed water quality requirements.

Please click here to see the replacement pack for this system.

Dimensions (L/W/D): 30/23/8
Weight (Dry): 1.5Kg

Feed Water Conditions*

  • Pressure: 50 - 100 psi
  • TDS: <1,000 mg/L
  • Hardness: <250mg/L
  • Iron: <0.02
  • Manganese: <0.01
  • Temperature: 1°C - 26°C
  • Flow Rate (Inlet): 1L/Min

Outlet Flow Rate (Approx): 0.19L/Min (11.66L/Hr)

RO Performance:


Inorganic Organic Rejection Aluminum 98% Adrazin Over 98% Arsenic 98% Aldrin Over 98% Benzene Over 98% Barium 95% Chlorine Over 98% Cadmium 95% Chloroform Over 98% Calcium 98% DOT Over 98% Chloride 95% Dichlormethane Over 98% Chromium VI 98% Endrin Over 98% Copper 98% Fluoranthene Over 98% Fluoride 99.9% Herbicides Over 98% Iron 98% Lindane Over 98% Lead 98% Methoxychlor Over 98% Magnesium 98% PCB Over 98% Manganese 98% Pesticides Over 98% Mercury II 85% Perchlorethylene Over 98% Nitrate 90% Phenole Over 98% Potassium 95% Tannic Acids Over 98% Selenium IV 95% Toxaphene Over 98% Silver 98% Trichlorethlene Over 98% Sodium 95% Trihalomethanes Over 98% Strontium 98% V.O.C.'s Over 98% Sulphate 98% Total Dissolved Solids 95% Zinc 98%



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