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Water Analysis Service

Why It Is Important To Get Your Water Analysed

It’s important to get your water tested before spending time and money on water treatment which may not be appropriate to your specific water type.

Water can vary from house to house; just because your neighbour has a high iron content in their bore water, it doesn’t mean you do too.

Water can also change over time – so water that was tested and found to be high in Sodium 10 years ago, may not result that way today.

Some methods of water treatment are inexpensive, whilst others can be quite costly – so make sure you are getting all of the necessary information before purchasing your water treatment equipment.

How To Take A Water Sample For An Analysis

  • If testing bore water, collect your sample as close to the bore as possible For other water supplies, collect your sample as close to the water source as possible.
  • Use a well rinsed plastic bottle for storing your sample such as a water bottle – We will need at least 1L of water for the analysis.
  • Let the bore run for approx. 10-15 minutes prior to taking the sample
  • Reduce the flow and gently fill a clean bucket with the water
  • Submerge the empty water bottle into the bucket of water until the water bottle is completely full, then replace the cap while the bottle is under water ensuring that there is no air in the bottle.
  • Once you complete the below form, we will email you an invoice for payment. A chemical water analysis + interpretation is $275.00 (total price including GST) which can be paid with direct deposit or credit card. When you have successfully taken your water sample and received your invoice, print off a copy of your invoice to the sample and send it to us at he below address. (Please note, your analysis will not be sent for testing until your invoice has been paid in full)
Filter Systems Australia
38 Jade Drive
Molendinar, QLD, 4214

What happens next?

When we receive your water sample, we will send it off for testing by a NATA approved laboratory which may take between 1-2 weeks. Once we receive the analysis, our experienced team will look over the results and pinpoint any things worthy of note that may cause issues. Using this information, including the information you have already provided, we can tailor a filtration set up specific to your needs and to your water supply. We will also supply you with a copy of your analysis through email + a hard copy with your order for future reference.

Please note that in some cases, water supplies can be deemed as un-usable and this is why we always require an analytical before making any recommendations, this ensures that you do not waste money purchasing filtration that is useless for your water supply.

Note: Test results are mineral and trace elements only, NOT bacterial. However, indicators within the analysis can indicate the presence of bacteria.