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Water Analysis Service

Why It Is Important to Get Your Water Analysed?

It’s important to get your water tested before spending time and money on water treatment which may not be appropriate to your specific water type.

Water can vary from house to house; just because your neighbour has a high iron content in their bore water, it doesn’t mean you do too.

Water can also change over time – so water that was tested and found to be high in Sodium 10 years ago, may not result that way today.

Some methods of water treatment are inexpensive, whilst others can be quite costly – so make sure you are getting all of the necessary information before purchasing your water treatment equipment.

Where to Start?

Once you complete the below form, we will email you an invoice for payment. Water Analysis’ range from $125.00 - $700.00 which can be paid by direct deposit or credit card. Once payment has been completed, we will send out 1-3 sample collection bottles depending on the testing you have selected.
The order will also be supplied with a Return Post Label so the samples can be returned to us free of charge.

What Test Should I Select?

We offer 5 different ‘Standard’ Tests for different applications:

Bore Water Suite $340.00: - Full comprehensive water analysis including Fluoride, Cl, EC, Nox, pH, Fe, Mn, Hardness, SO4, Si, CO2, TDS, Sat Index, Alkalinity, Cations, Heavy Metals + Turbidity.

This test is best suited if you are wanting to test the water for drinking water quality or domestic use in home – it provides all the relevant information required to implement water filtration.

Dam/Creek Suite $700.00: - Full comprehensive water analysis as per the bore suite, excluding heavy metals – includes Tannins, BOD, COD

This test is for determining the water quality of dams and the suitability for use domestically.

Irrigation Suite $215.00: - Basic Water testing for using water for irrigation, includes Salts, Hardness, Bicarbonates, pH

Municipal Water Test $195.00: - Water Testing for Mains water – specifically testing for Guideline levels of DBP’s, includes Free + Total Chlorine, TOC, pH, TDS, Hardness, Salts.

Basic Water Test $190.00: - Salts, pH, Hardness, Fe, Mn – This provides a basic overview of the water and may suggest the useability of the water. NOTE: Further testing may be required for certain applications.

When Collecting Sample from Bore Water:

  • Collect water sample as close to the bore as possible, run the bore for at least 15 minutes prior to taking sample.
  • Fill a large container or bucket (thoroughly rinsed and cleaned) with water from the bore.
  • Submerge the 1L sample bottle in the container and cap it off under water (ensuring no air gaps in the bottle)
  • WARNING: The smaller red/purple bottle is treated with a solution of nitric acid or sulphuric acid which is used to preserve the water for testing. Do not rinse out this bottle or spill the contents.

  • Pour sample water into this bottle until it reaches the rim (do not over flow). Replace the cap while trying to have minimal air gaps.

When Collecting Sample from Other Water Supplies:

  • Collect water sample as close to the water source as possible, run the tap for 5 minutes before taking samples.
  • Follow above sample collection procedure.

If multiple samples are being taken, use a black permanent marker to label each bottle with its correct name. E.g. ‘House Bore’ ‘Kitchen tap’ and also the sample collection date.

Using the return post label supplied in the carton, pack the samples in the box and affix the return post label on the box.

Please return this to any Australia Post shop to be sent back to us for testing. Testing can take up to 10 business days from the date we receive the sample.

NOTE: The return post label is only for road freight, not express. If you require urgent postage, please send these through express post. This will be at your own cost.

Return Address:
Filter Systems Australia
Unit 1, 38 Jade Drive
Molendinar, QLD 4214

What Happens Next?

When we receive your water sample, we will send it off for testing by a NATA approved laboratory which may take between 1-2 weeks. Once we receive the analysis, our experienced team will look over the results and pinpoint any things worthy of note that may cause issues. Using this information, including the information you have already provided, we can tailor a filtration set up specific to your needs and to your water supply. We will also supply you with a copy of your analysis through email + a hard copy with your order for future reference.

Please note that in some cases, water supplies can be deemed as un-usable and this is why we always require an analytical before making any recommendations, this ensures that you do not waste money purchasing filtration that is useless for your water supply.

Note: Test results are mineral and trace elements only, NOT bacterial. However, indicators within the analysis can indicate the presence of bacteria.