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Water Coolers

Filter Systems Australia is a leading supplier of water filtration solutions in Australia offering a range of water coolers and water dispensers designed to suit different commercial and residential environments. From benchtop water coolers for offices with limited space to freestanding water coolers equipped with water dispensers that are ideal for homes with higher water needs, our assortment includes something for every customer.

Get in touch with our customer care team to find a system that fits in your space and usage needs.

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  1. NEW Waterworks D25 Satin Finish Water Cooler Watermark Approved Plumbed in Chiller (GT46-D25)
    • Classy Satin Finish available in Black or White
    • Available in Cool/Cold or Hot/Cold
    • Large 11L Cold Water Reservoir
    • Perfect for Plumbing into Existing Pipework (i.e. for installing post-filtration with a Reverse Osmosis or Carbon Water Filter system).
    • 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty
  2. Waterworks D5C Standing Water Cooler Watermark Approved Plumbed in Chiller (GT46-13)
    • The Most Reliable POU Cooler On The Market
    • Large 12L Internal Resevoir
    • Available in Cool/Cold or Hot/Cold
    • 3 Year Comprehansive Warranty
  3. Waterworks IC8 Undersink Chiller Watermarked (46-0)
    • 1.9L Stainless Steel Chilling Tank
    • Lead And Copper Free Waterways - Watermark Certified Unit - Food Grade
    • Compact Model 
    • Accommodates Many Water Filters / Purifiers Including FSA Systems
    • Dual, Fan Assisted Static Condensers
    • 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty 
  4. Aquanet Gravity Feed Water Filtration - Suit Waterworks SB5C & B5C 46-23
    • Suits Most Bottle Top Water Coolers
    • Filtered Water at Point Of Use
    • No Plumbing Required
    • Lateral Flow Distribution to Prevent Channelling
    • Filter Base Perforations for Saturated Water Distribution
    • Guide Rails Centrally Locate and Align Bottle Neck
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