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Bench Top Water Filters

Filter Systems Australia brings you an all-inclusive range of top-notch water filters that provides you with a limitless supply of fresh, clean and great-tasting water while eliminating the hassle of water storage, forever. Our benchtop filters are specifically designed to save space. Once you have our benchtop water filtration system installed in your small kitchen or office, space-occupying water bottles and heavy crates will become a thing of the past. You can rest assured that we invest in the most advanced filtration technologies to provide you with high-performing water treatment solutions. Get in touch today!

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  1. Single Benchtop Water Filter Chlorine & Fluoride Reduction 1 Micron H1-100FBG
    • 1 Micron Nominal Filtration Rating
    • Activated Carbon made from 100% Premium Coconut Carbon
    • Reduces Fluoride in tap water up to 97%*
    • High Efficiency Chlorine Taste & Odour Reduction
    • Compliant to NSF/ANSI 42
    • Standard Size 10" x 2.5"
  2. HPF Benchtop Water Filter System 2x 0.5 Micron Premium Carbon Filters H1-100CTOP
    • WaterMark Certified Benchtop POU Filter System
    • Heavy Duty Twin O-Ring Housings
    • Inbuilt Faucet Tap for Drinking Water
    • Premium Chlorine Taste & Odour Filtration
    • 150% Better than Standard Carbon Blocks
    • High Capacity 0.5uM Nominal Filtration
    • Installation Kit & Adaptors included
    • Designed for Chlorinated Water
    • Small 15cm Benchtop Footprint
  3. Twin Bench Top Water Filter 0.5 Micron Premium Coconut Carbon Cartridge (1-57SF)
    Special Price A$160.00 was A$199.95
    • Twin Benchtop Water Filter + Cartridges
    • Compatible With Standard Kitchen Taps
    • High Flow 3/8" Tubing
    • 0.5 Micron Giardia Rated Cartridge
    • Suitable for Town or Rain Water
  4. 12L Bench Top Water Purifier System
    Special Price A$75.00 was A$120.00
  5. 24L Bench Top Ceramic Carbon Mineral Filter | Water Dispenser 1-14
    Special Price A$145.00 was A$195.00
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